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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ornery boy

I have to say visits like today could continue for the next 21ish weeks and I'd be one happy person.

Lost another 3 pounds but didn't get scolded. Shoot, I'm sick and just flat out not hungry. As long as the boy is growing well I am sure I can lose a bit more and not be in trouble with the OB. Another amazing thing, I have a pretty decent headache going on (from the cold virus, fun fun) and my blood pressure was the lowest it's been in months. 126/86. Go me. Couldn't pee, went before and after my shower on accident. LOL Baby is swimming somewhere around my belly button pretty regularly now. He's got so much room I swear it's like he's got a diving board in there to decide if he'll go low or high. LOL I had to tell him to move so I could eat dinner last night, he managed to get on top of my stomach (or so it felt...who really knows). Anyway, doc felt the belly to located him, puts the Doppler on and gets a pretty fuzzy but definitely good heartbeat right away. She decides to move the Doppler to get a clearer sound when baby shows her who's boss...he KICKED the Doppler! She got it on him better, for about 2 heartbeats, and he moved. LOL I told her he's ornery...sticking his tongue out at us and everything! LOL She was very pleased, heart rate was in the 150's where it's been almost all the time. He's just like me...stubborn and set in his little ways! I finally can stop telling Mike that this is only his baby...he's going to be a handful like me. LOL

I finally remembered to write down a few questions...mostly pertaining to the u/s results. She said baby looked PERFECT, only tiny cause for concern was something I was not allowed to worry about. I'm pretty sure she would tell me not to Google it too...which I haven't! LOL Oh, that's the placenta location...which is currently looking like previa. But no bleeding or cramping or anything so we're hoping it will move up on it's own. I did ask that if it doesn't and we do a c-section if I could get my bladder lifted and she said no...everything is too stretched out and out of shape and I'd have a hard time getting a good healing in. She wants me to wait for the bladder lift dang it! LOL Oh will get fixed eventually. Another question was on my iron. Back in December it was 10 so I've been on a supplement daily since then. I asked when it would be checked again, normally not until 28 weeks when I'll do the glucose test...but she said let's check it today real quick. LOL It's up to 13 now. What is normal iron level while pregnant? My doctor rocks, btw...she's totally letting me get my way with everything.

Final thing I remembered to ask was about the little bag of goodies they gave me at my first appointment. I forgot to pick it up when I left and have forgotten each time I've been back since then. I finally remembered to write it down, we want to take some classes and the hospital book is in that bag. The nurse took out the prenatal vitamin samples and added in a bonus...TOYS for the baby! LOL He got his first Peek A Blocks today...isn't that fun! LOL I haven't looked in the bag yet to see what else is there, I'll do that soon though.

The day after our u/s last week I asked Mike if it would be ok if one day I bought the baby an outfit. Not like purposely go out shopping and find something, but if I was out and about and saw the "perfect" outfit, if I could get it. We're trying really hard to not spend any extra money right now, we have got to get this house finished up and on the market soon, so all extra funds are going into the house projects. But he did say it would be ok if I found something I couldn't live without. It's been a week and I haven't even tried to find you see how motivated I am to go shopping! LOL I have a few outfits that were Micheal's when he was newborn that I hope will fit this baby. I should go through Micheal's baby book and see if I can find a picture of him in those when baby Ornery wears them I can do side by side pictures! LOL I'm a cheeseball.


Not sure what else is going on. Next appt is 3/7 which is Tuesday. Friday is Matthew's birthday...and as of right now even though I know it's a scary gestational age day I'm still hopeful and looking forward to Monday the 13th when this baby will be 20 weeks...halfway to done.

I need to get a few things done around the house that I have been letting go since I have felt so enjoy the extra long post and I'll catch ya on the flip side! LOL

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