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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

doctor appt today

BP is normal (130/84 I think?), gained a pound and baby sounded awesome! We talked about the concert we went to Sunday (five hours, 7 Christian artists and did I mention LOUD? LOL) and how baby reacted. Doctor said he'll be hearing damage could have happened. I know, I have to find something to worry about all the time, right?

I'm going back to the doc in 2 weeks! Big step for me, right? LOL My doc is going on a family vacation next week so we'll skip that week, but I did meet the on call nurse that will see me in a heartbeat if I need to. Have I ever said how much this office rocks? Totally.

Doc asked me how I'm doing now that I'm at 19 weeks. I'm doing really well. I have this week off from the therapist and go next week. We'll slow that down more too. I am now able to see that Matthew's life and pregnancy is NOT the same as this baby's life and pregnancy. Every aspect of this pregnancy has been totally different than Matthew's and once I stopped trying to compare them and act like they were one I calmed WAY down. Amazing, eh? LOL

Matthew's 2nd birthday is Friday. I can not think of much of anything to do this year to celebrate him. On his due date the first year we named a star after him, last year on his first birthday Haley baked him a cake. I thought of him on his due date last year but didn't spend the day in tears like I figured I would. In fact, I was in TX with my parents and sister and we had a blast that day shopping, sharing meals and playing games. That is what I want to do on Friday. Too bad they're 1200 miles away right now!

I am having lunch with some of my support group friends on Thursday and I'm very much looking forward to that. I wish I was hungry enough to say this is what we're having and this is what you need to bring, since it's at my house and all...but I am just not. I am getting my appetite back slowly though. Ate a TON for lunch (ok, not a ton, but in comparison to the past 2 weeks a ton). What sounds good for a nice relaxing lunch with friends???

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