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Friday, October 26, 2007

more useless info!

Here's a list of people that share birthdays (and our anniversary) with my little family!

Famous March Birthdays (Matthew)
March 10, 1928- James Earl Ray, assassinated Martin Luther King Jr.
March 10, 1940 Chuck Norris, martial arts, "Walker" in Tv series "Walker, Texas Ranger"
March 10, 1957- Osama BIn Laden, Al Queda terrorist leader
March 10, 1958- Sharon Stone, actress, "Basic Instinct"
March 10, 1983- Carrie Underwood, American Idol Winner

Famous June Birthdays (Micheal)
June 23, 1929- June Carter Cash, country singer
June 23, 1948- Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court justice

Famous July Birthdays (Kerry *18th*) (Zachary *19th*) (Mike and Kerry *24th*)
July 18, 1918- Nelson Mandela, South Africa anti-apartheid activist, President
July 18, 1921- John Glenn, astronaut, Ohio Senator
July 18, 1927- Kurt Masur, conductor
July 18, 1940- James Brolin, actor (Los Angeles, CA)
July 18, 1943- Calvin Peete, golfer
July 18, 1947- Malcolm "Steve" Forbes Jr., publisher, presidential candidate
July 18, 1957- Nick Faldo, golfer
July 18, 1961- Elizabeth McGovern, actress

July 19, 1860- Lizzie Borden, accused ax murderer
July 19, 1898- Herbert Marcuse, political philosopher
July 19, 1922- George McGovern, presidential candidate, South Dakota Senator
July 19, 1924- Pat Hingle, actor
July 19, 1941- Vikki Carr, singer
July 19, 1946- Ilie Nastase, tennis player
July 19, 1962- Anthony Edwards, "Dr. Greene" on TV series "ER"

July 24, 1897- Amelia Earhart, pioneer aviator
July 24, 1921- Billy Taylor, jazz pianist
July 24, 1936- Ruth Buzzi, actress, comedian
July 24, 1947- Robert Hays, actor
July 24, 1951- Lynda Carter, actress, "Wonder Wonam"
July 24, 1963- Karl Malone, NBA basketball player
July 24, 1964- Barry Bonds, baseball player
July 24, 1970- Jennifer Lopez, actress, singer, "J-Lo"

Famous October Birthdays (Haley)
October 28, 1914- Jonas Salk, physician, developed polio vaccine
October 28, 1936 -Charlie Daniels, singer, songwriter, musician
October 28, 1939- Jane Alexander, actress
October 28, 1944- Dennis Franz, actor, "NYPD Blue"
October 28, 1949- Bruce Jenner, Olympic decathlon champion
October 28, 1955- Bill Gates, Microsoft executive, multi-multi billionaire
October 28, 1967- Julia Roberts, actress, "Pretty Woman", "My Best Friends' Wedding", many more

Famous December Birthdays (Mike)
December 15, 1832- Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, engineer, designed the Eiffel Tower
December 15, 1892- J. Paul Getty, oil billionaire, philanthropist
December 15, 1916- Maurice H. Wilkins, biophysicist, co-discoverer of the structure of DNA
December 15, 1933- Tim Conway, actor, comedian, "McHales's Navy, "The Carol Burnett Show"
December 15, 1942- Dave Clark, musician, leader of the "Dave Clark Five"
December 15, 1949- Don Johnson, actor, "Miami Vice"
December 15, 1968- Garrett Wang, actor

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