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Sunday, October 21, 2007

stupid snow

I am so not ready for this...and yet it's been doing it all day long. Yesterday is was nearly 80 we're in the 30's and it's windy and COLD and snowing. I hate snow.

I totally missed a photo op today at lunch/dinner. Zachary has been trying to "wash" his hair lately in the tub, very cute. Today while we're eating spaghetti, he's pretty well covered face, neck, chest (smart Daddy took off his white shirt first!)...and smart mouth Mama says, looks like you missed a spot on your better get it. So...Zachary "washes" his hair...with spaghetti. Too cute! Of course I'll be regretting this soon enough, he'll do it in daycare or out to eat or something less appropriate I'm sure. But for now, at home, when he's 15 months old, it's totally adorable. And I was too lazy to get up and find the camera. Figures.

I have snow pictures from this morning. Have to document the first day of snow ya know. I don't feel like going to find the camera and uploading the pictures so you'll have to just live in suspense without the Colorado snow pictures. Poor you.

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