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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bragging, ranting and raving

Bragging: Today after work I ran by the post office before heading home. Zachary sat in the back seat in his car seat happily watching the world go by when suddenly he says in a very chirpy happy voice, "Da-Dee"!! Guess what he saw, and recognized as "Da-Dee"? A UPS truck. Smart boy!

Ranting: Got a call from our bank this afternoon, the fraud department. Calling to ask if I had charged a couple of web related orders. Never heard of the web site/company. Both charges totaled under $100, but still.

Raving: My bank called me, well before any charges went through my account, because THEY WERE WATCHING MY ACCOUNT CLOSELY!!!!! I feel very good about that, knowing the fraud department really is doing it's job to protect our accounts. Bummer that my debit card is now inactive and I'll have to actually use C A S H or write checks until a new card arrives. Bummer!

I also got a call from the gym that I'll be going to for the next 8 weeks, cool that they are so on top of things too. I'm going in on Saturday for a trial exercise routine appointment. Wish me luck!!!

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