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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

long week so far!

Gosh it's been a week that I could almost do without!

Monday was busy getting orders from the sale packaged and then going to the post office. After that (usually takes me a good 2 hours from printing the orders off to getting out of the post office in one piece! LOL) I spent a ton of time on the phone with accountant...we OWE taxes this year :( I am so bummed! But it's done, the Aeration business is officially done and closed and our personal taxes are ready to be mailed off to the IRS when we come up with hundreds of dollars that we have to send them. Ugh.

About 1/2 an hour after I got off the phone with the accountant my cell phone rings and it's Micheal. It's right about the time he leaves school to go to work so I'm thinking maybe his car won't start or something??? Nope, it's the phone call a parent doesn't want to get from their still newly licensed driving teen...he's been in a car accident!

He was sitting at a light ready to turn left, and the light changed yellow. He says it was clear and he was looking, but just as he started to go a car came out of no where and t-boned him. He ended up spinning about a complete 360, stopped in the oncoming lane of traffic going the wrong way. I was FREAKED out as we were driving down there and all I could see was a sea of red and blue lights. Fire truck, ambulance and FIVE police cars.

Thankfully Micheal is fine. He's freaked out now and hasn't driven since the accident and isn't showing any signs of wanting to. I'm going to have to push the issue soon and "make" riding a bike or horse, once you've fallen off there is a fear of getting back on. I don't want him afraid to drive forever. He did get ticketed for the accident. Well, technically not the accident. He got a ticket for making an unsafe left turn (I think that's what the official ticket is for) because here they have a fucked up law that no matter the circumstances YOU get ticketed for making a left turn. Same with being in a rear end crash...last car in the back gets a ticket. So Micheal is not happy about that, his insurance is going to go up big time and his car is totaled. He's bummed. We haven't even started thinking about finding him another car...with liability only insurance and him being "at fault" there is no coverage to replace his car. Shit shit shit SHIT! Oh well. Biggest thing is he is ok. The car replacing will happen eventually...but I can't replace my son.

So that was basically my around and take care of pretty much EVERYTHING. Tuesday was more of the same, running around fixing problems and dealing with life. Today I did another post office run (the sale is going really well!) then went to get Mike's signature on the taxes to get them taken care of, went to the bank and picked the boy up from school. I really loved having him drive himself around. Oh well. We leave in about 1/2 an hour for ballet...that was on Monday we won't be home until 7 or 7:30 tonight. I'm POOPED! LOL

Tomorrow, hopefully, I will do some scrapbooking. I have to get the cruise album done in the next 2 weeks as well as a little swap I'm in. Scrapping is SO relaxing I can't wait to jump in and do it.

I went to the therapist yesterday and have been deemed "mentally ok" LOL. I don't have to go back to see her unless or until I need to, but she does want to keep in touch. She's concerned about the placenta previa and would LOVE to hear that it's resolved itself. I'm ok if it doesn't as long as I can still make it to 35 weeks or more. I'd be FINE with a scheduled least then it takes out the waiting for labor to start issue! LOL

Baby is doing great. We went from just wiggling around to BIG kicks and moves. I love it. I am noticing that I have the hardest time eating enough during the day...I am just not hungry much anymore. Right now I'm munching on some carrots and veggie dip, so when I do eat it's healthy! But when it comes to meals during the day...I do good if I get one full meal in me. I am keeping up with my water though...and have recently discovered that I LOVE raspberry iced tea! LOL I now know that Sonic, Taco Bell and Subway all have it here! LOL

Ok, that's enough outta me.

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  • At 8:08 AM, March 16, 2006, Blogger MrsGiggles said…

    What a bummer about the least he is ok. Good lesson learned so early in driving though I guess. it bad that all I noticed when I first looked is the lack of snow where you are?! I'M JEALOUS!


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