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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

did you feel the earth move?

I swear by all that is good and holy, there was an earthquake in CO around 9:30 this morning!

scene at UPS:

grouchy general manager (ggm): All seasonal employees are NOT working today, you are all to go home.

unknowing seasonal employees: uh, ok. whatever.

my brilliant husband: yeah, like to see you make ME leave...I know what today is.

ggm takes supervisor aside for a brief meeting, supervisor comes out and says, "Mike, grab a board and take off on XXX's route".

all regular drivers and supervisors just standing around watching the scene unfold: Dude, are you working?

brilliant husband: yep!

"Awesome" "You're hired" "Woo Hoo" "Congratulations!!"

end scene!

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