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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

coming down with something?

Or maybe teething? Zachary woke up this morning...wait, let me back up.

Yesterday was TERRIBLE! A day of not good sleep overnight, meaning he was up 4 times during the night to nurse, so he was already tired when he got up in the morning. His morning nap was super short...maybe 30 minutes. He was fussy all day, and his afternoon nap was even worse than his morning nap! By the time we had to go to PT for Haley I was praying he'd just sleep in the car and all through therapy. No such luck...he was WIDE awake in the car, all crazy in PT and wide awake on the way home. Ugh. So...after dinner he got a bubble bath and then went right to bed. I think it was 7:45? He woke up at 11 PM...right when I was falling asleep. I have this new thing where I sit up in bed, listen to his fussing to see if it's reajustment or actual needing me crying and take action from there. 11 PM was serious need me crying! I got him and put him in bed with Mike and I...and he nursed voraciously for a good 10 minutes! LOL He's a speedy nurser now. Anyway...he got done with both sides and proceeded to wiggle and squirm and crawl on me, but with his eyes closed. Ah ha! That's HIS sign to me that he needs to be in HIS off to bed I took him. Turned on his pooh bear and kissed him and laid him down. I went back to bed and to sleep.
At 3:15 AM he cried out. I can't even remember if I sat up this time, but I listened to his fussing...and it ended before too long. I went back to sleep, and woke up at 6:05 AM, to him STILL sleeping! Baby boy finally slept ALL night...since early June!! he woke up at 7:35 and I put him in bed with me to nurse. We slept, thankfully, until 9 AM!
As a side note, when I got him out of bed at 7:35 he was chilly to the touch everywhere his skin was bare. His arms and hands, his cheeks, his feet and a little bit of leg where his jammie pants were not covering.
At 9 AM he was HOT to the touch. This is a baby that hasn't had but one fever in his life but always feels hot to the touch. We got up out of bed and went downstairs, I found the thermometer and low and behold...100.6. Not high by any means, but a slight fever.
I gave him some Motrin at 9:45 and actually got him to eat some breakfast and drink some water. At 11 AM I put him down for his nap. He slept for 45 minutes and woke up SCREAMING!!!!!!!!! and CRYING!!!!!!! and just really not happy with me!!!!!! It took me a full half hour of trying every trick in the book to figure something out and calm him a smidge. Goldfish crackers rule!
At about 12:45 I got him settled in the high chair without screaming and gave him some lunch. He ate some but not much. He had a bit more water. Amazingly enough, once he had some food in his belly, he was less grouchy! He walked around, played with a toy or two and I put on his crack, err, Baby Signs DVD. Love that Baby Einstein! He was, for the first time today, a happy boy.
I just now laid him down for his second nap. LOL there went that short lived happiness.
Somewhere along the line I found a blog that talked a LOT about their baby's sleep issues and linked to another blog that talked about a sleep pattern that most babies over 6 months of age tend to have. Basically it says that a baby is ready for their first nap 2 hours after they wake up in the morning, ready for the second nap 3 hours after waking from the first, and they are ready for bed 4 hours after waking from the second nap. Zachary, blessedly, is pretty true to this pattern. It just took him 10 long hard sleepless months to figure it out! So...he's down for nap #2. I hope it's longer than the last few naps!
We'll deal with the grumpies if they appear again. I wish I knew what was up...other than I think it's a toss up of a delayed reaction to his last vaccinations a week ago, or he's teething a LOT of invisible teeth. Based on the little biting trick he pulled this morning, I'm leaning towards teeth! I just really hope it's not something like TEN at once!!!

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