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Monday, July 23, 2007

shout it from the mountain tops!

NO CANCER!!!!!! My dad had his hip surgery on Thursday about an hour after we got home. The doc did a biopsy of the mass there and we got results today. NO CANCER!

The 2 very small spots in his lung from nearly a year ago are being very naughty though. They have merged into one mass and are now as big as a golf ball. In a few more days, when he's a bit stronger, he'll have a lung biopsy. I can not wait to hear the news from that...but will pray it's the news we are told by the cancer doc. He's thinking, based on my dad's back surgery, recovery and then the hip issue and now surgery, that he's got calcification in that lung. I pray he's right. I pray and pray and pray it's not what the doomsday Pulmonologist told my sister. That's too scary to type right now. But it was very very bad. It's the kind of bad you don't shout from the tops of the hills, but rather scream sadly into the depths of the pillows.

Please God, please give my Daddy a break. Let the lung be free from cancer and if it is anything, let it be easily treated. He's really had enough stuff happen to him for now. Living with Alzheimer's should have been enough. Ok, throw in Emphysema, but that's enough. No cancer, ok? He's such a good man, he worked hard all his life to make a great life for his wife and kids. He's a wonderful PaPa to his grandkids, even to the little baby one that he's really not sure belongs to anyone in his family. I can accept that. I was hoping he'd remember a tiny bit of Zachy...remember that he was given his family name to carry along. But even that is gone. So God, no cancer, ok? Let him live out his days in peace and just deal with losing the rest of himself to the nasty ugly Alzheimer's Disease.

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  • At 9:09 PM, July 25, 2007, Blogger Girl said…

    Yeah for no cancer...

    I wanted to say thank you for the package... I tossed the wrapper before I wrote down the address so if you could email it to me I would forever heart you.


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