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Thursday, June 28, 2007

In case I'm too busy tomorrow...

Hey Daddy, it's your birthday!!! Happy birthday to you!!!!

I am really kind of glad that I was able to just postpone my trip to TX rather than totally cancel it. My sister called a bit ago with not so great news. Dad had his follow up on the CT scan from 2 weeks ago and it appears that after months of no change the spots on his lung have grown. And the incredible hip pain he's been having? Yeah, he's got a spot there now too.

The cancer doc wants to do a biopsy. Now I can't remember if July 17th is the actual biopsy or just the next appointment with the cancer doc and at that time they will schedule the biopsy. I wish my brain worked better.

I guess on an up note, his bladder surgery from last week seems to be working as he's not on a catheter. That follow up appointment was supposed to be yesterday but got rescheduled for July 11th, so I'll be able to go to that appointment with my Mom and sister.

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