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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

9 month check up!

Zachary is 9 ½ months now and had his 9 month check up yesterday as well as his first eye exam!

He weighs 24 pounds 9.5 ounces and is 30 inches tall now…still in the upper 90th percentile! He has his 2 bottom teeth and so far no others in sight. Zachary LOVES to talk to everyone he comes across, he can say “HI!” and has the biggest cheesy smile to go along with that little word! He babbles a lot of ba ba ba’s and da da da’s and even some ma ma ma’s but no official dada and mama yet. His smile lights up the world, and he’s got the most outgoing personality of any of my children as babies.

Zachary knows how to crawl and scoot along on his bottom to get into and where he wants to be….but he doesn’t venture very far from his circle around mama’s feet! Let’s hope that stays true as he becomes a toddler! He is pulling himself up and cruising along everything he can find and I think he’ll be walking real soon. Maybe not by a year, but shortly there after! If he stays true to his norm, he’ll take 2 steps and then take off running!

The eye exam was interesting…when Mike was diagnosed with Glaucoma last October that eye doctor told us about a free exam for babies under age 1 called an InfantSEE exam. I googled and found So yesterday Zachary had his first eye exam…and he’s got astigmatism! He didn’t cooperate very well but apparently they eye doctor saw enough to know that. He said Zachary’s eyes look healthy and to bring him back in 1 ½ to 2 years for his next exam. Let’s hope his eyesight doesn’t get anywhere near as bad as mine!

That’s about it for my big guy. Oh, we did ask the pediatrician about the fact that Zachary’s feet can touch the back of the seat from his big boy car seat as a friend of mine told me that is actually very dangerous for babies in a crash. The doctor told me he could break his leg or hip in a crash if he were to brace his legs out straight during the crash and recommended we turn him around soon. He’s nearly 25 pounds and has very solid control if his neck and back. I am not sure I’m ready for that…but then again I want to keep him safe!

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