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Monday, June 04, 2007


I believe this will be night a row...that Zachary has now official slept through the night. Ok, I'm jumping ahead and he may in fact have a terrible night now that I've claimed it as otherwise.

Anyway...three nights ago he slept from 9 PM to 5 AM, two nights ago it was 9:15 PM to 5:08 AM...last night it was 7:15 PM to 6:08 AM. Yes...I'm starting to keep track of the minutes! If I could get to bed, and to sleep, before midnight, I'd be sleeping all night too!

I'm so proud of him sleeping so well by himself! I have to keep remembering to put him to bed in long pants because this morning he was freezing cold when I got him up.

Naps aren't going as well...we're doing so much running around he's getting real used to sleeping in the car and not at all in his room. Today was maybe 45 minutes of sleeping wrapped around 20 minutes of crying and fussing. Next week will begin the much better routine during the more ballet, no more excessive running around. Or at least I can hope. I have started to claim his nap time as sacred and nothing is to wake him before he wakes himself up. That means I've been spending a good amount of time sitting in the car. Remind me to get some books, ok. I'm out of things to do to keep myself entertained for an hour or more at a time when I'm stuck in the car!

I can not believe this little boy will be one in just a few short weeks. Six, in fact. Wow.

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