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Saturday, May 26, 2007

sleep training?

Three days ago I hit rock bottom with Zachary. I have not slept more than 10 minutes in a row for about a year...sometime around 34 weeks in my pregnancy I couldn't sleep anymore. I am TIRED.

So...three days ago I put his crib together and put him in it wide awake to see if he'd sit down and check it out or stand there and scream blue bloody murder. Screaming won.

Two nights ago after nursing and tossing and turning and me getting mad at all the hair pulling and poking and kicking going on, he got "put" into the crib. Not all sweet and nice like I wanted but damn...I'm exhausted and was TIRED of the baby. He screamed blue bloody murder for a LONG time. I finally got him up about 20 minutes later, nursed him to sleep in our bed and fell asleep for a couple of hours. But when he woke up again, instead of just nursing back to sleep he started all the kicking and messing around again. So I picked him up and plopped him in his bed. A bit nicer but still not all sweet and loving like I wanted to do. I don't remember giving him a kiss and saying good night at all. He cried, but didn't scream. And after about an hour I got him back up and nursed him to sleep in our bed.

Last night, after his bath we nursed on the big bed until he was drowsy. Then I told him it was time to go night night in his bed. I hugged him and kissed him and told him I loved him and to have sweet dreams. I put him in his bed, on his belly at his direction, and covered him up with his blanket. He cried a little, fussed more than cried really. And he slept SIX hours. Zachary has NEVER slept that long in all of his little life!!!! I, on the other hand, did not. LOL I slept maybe 2 hours. When he woke up and cried out a bit I brought him to our bed to nurse and we both fell asleep for another 3 hours. I feel so very well rested it's not even funny!

Today...after such a great night...I thought I'd try nap time. He played with Daddy, ate some breakfast, swung outside on the swing, and has been having a ton of fun. Then he was getting we nursed in the recliner and I carried him up to his room. I told him I loved him, kissed him and laid him down. He fussed, literally six seconds worth, cried out 2 times, and has been blissfully quiet ever since. ~~~***~~~
ETA: he napped for THREE hours!!!!!

I's about time, right? He's 10 months 1 week old! But it's been so hard for me to let him cry about much of anything that the first few times of screaming bloody murder about set me over the edge. I will keep going...he will nap in his crib and he will start every night out in there as well. I am not hoping for him to sleep all night...but if he can sleep a 6 hour stretch then be in bed with me...and I can get over the mommy guilt of putting him in the crib to begin with...then I can sleep at least that long too.

And life will be all sunshine and roses once again, when the Mommy gets some sleep and doesn't feel so foggy headed all the live long day.

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