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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Houston...err, McAllen, we have lift off?


Zachary just last night decided to use the leg of a folding card table to stand up, immediately let go of it and WALK on his own all the way around it!!!! He did all kinds of walking without holding on last night! He's very impressed with himself. And, his fourth tooth popped through last night! I tell you, he's growing way to fast for this mama!

Mathochist, how's your MIL? Thanks for the prayers for my Dad. We'll just hold each other up during these trials! Not much else we can do, but we sure can pray. Hope you're having a good trip...Mike asked me again when I was coming home and then implied he wanted me to stay through one more weekend. I might do that...I might stay until the 16th, but I'm not sure exactly what all is going on that week at home that I might need to be home before Tuesday.

I'll try and keep my blog updated and read others daily to keep in touch!

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  • At 11:09 PM, July 09, 2007, Blogger Mathochist said…

    Sorry, I've been mostly off the computer since we left Round Rock. She is doing much better than I expected. Last scan showed everything was stable. She has energy in the ams but "turns into a pumpkin" at 4:00. Cooked us breakfast most mornings. Played with the kids. Crafted. Visited. It was really awesome. Thanks for asking. I wish your dad's state was as good as hers!


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