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Sunday, August 05, 2007

thinking out loud

I keep wondering, why do I blog? I love to read other people's blogs...I love to hear about their lives, from the drama to the mundane. From the boring "I'm here, kids and I went grocery shopping, I cleaned up poop and puke and all kinds of food off highchair tray today" to the exciting news of marriage and babies arriving safely. I love to hear how my Internet friends are doing.

But me, why do I blog? I hardly ever share "this is how we spent our day" posts. I typically come in with "I'm stressed/pissed/whatever" short spewing messes and call it good. I don't try to "share" myself online at all.

I do know why I'm guarded...I've been very hurt in the past by someone I was sure was my friend, someone who I thought was trying to help me in a tough situation. But after the dust settled, I got to thinking about that, and many other friendships and started censoring my life online. For a long time that censorship carried over into my personal "real" life as well. I didn't share with ANYONE for a long time. I think I'm better now, but there are a lot of scary things hiding in my brain that don't dare come out to people! LOL

So...why keep a blog. I try to share fun updates about the kids, even though I hardly ever write about my older ones anymore. I try to share cute pictures or stories so the rare times my sister or my mom come along to read (when I specifically email them and send the link!) "check this out"!!! I just keep wondering why I think I'm so important as to have a little piece of the Internet with my name carved into it. I hardly do it any sort of justice blabbering on like I do.

If you blog, why? What is your "motivation" so to speak. And if I don't have a link to your blog, why not? LOL I'm sure I'd love to be reading all about your day too!

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  • At 5:17 PM, August 10, 2007, Blogger Girl said…

    It's serious therapy for me although I juggle back and forth between hiding and not.... I need it though, strings attached or not.


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