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I'm just me: wife to Mike for 9 years, mom to three great kids I can hug and kiss every day and one babe I can't wait to hold in my arms again one day soon. I'm always looking to improve my faith life and be a better wife and mother.

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The Mommy is bored...the kids are bored...the Daddy works too much. What's a family to do???

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Life gets in the way!

The house is ours! We closed on May 1st. We've been working on it on the weekends and this coming weekend is our "last" work weekend before moving day. I am SO ready to live in one house, clean one house and decorate MY house! The paint looks awesome, the carpet comes in next week and then I pray for new furniture to drop from the sky. Buying a home should come with a few a sudden influx of cash. Oh well...we're doing great so far and will continue I'm sure.

The little boy from the daycare is finally back at daycare. I was so surprised when he came walking in on Monday this week...not a scratch or bruise anywhere! Mama said to watch and make sure he doesn't bang his head...skull fractures take time to heal. I'm so glad those prayers were answered!

My car is dead. Well...not dead, but the new radiator and fans as well as new front brakes and the list goes on and on...I'm done. I listed it "as is" on Craigslist today. :) I want a van. Not a brand new one, but not an old one.

My job is still stressful, but some days are bearable. I actually wrote out a resume and faxed it to three places that I found online. No response so far...but it felt liberating to do that much! Some days I can't wait to quit then others are "good" and make me think I can stick it out longer. I'm seriously thinking of home daycare again. I need to pray about it more, and talk to my husband. I have no idea if he'd be up for it again. I know Zachary would love it. Having his Mommy all day would be great...but sharing his toys wouldn't be fun, or at least right away. We'll see. We definitely have some work to do to get the house ready for a daycare inspection.

My thoughts are all over the place. Mother's Day was ok...we went to church and then out to lunch before Mike went to the new house to work, I went to do pretty much nothing, and the kids came home. Zachary took a 3+ hour nap! I woke him up (at 6:30 PM) to go grocery shopping. He stayed up until 10 PM...and was up three times that night. Ugh. Oh...and I go my stupid period ON Mother's Day. Lovely gift...I'd have preferred something a bit less messy and non cramping.

I have a HUGE desire to try to have another baby. I bet that info would just about kill Mike. He's so worried he can't be a good dad to another child. Wait...that sound just like my brother. UGH!

I'm tired. Brain is fried. Body doesn't want to move. Kids want tacos for dinner and I have to go to the store. AGAIN! I feel like I live there half the time.

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