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Monday, August 11, 2008

finally free!

So, last week I finally did it...I quit my job. I can't tell you how relived I finally feel, being free of all that garbage. I'd share some of the highlights (low, really) of the job, but I really need to stay in the place I've finally arrived - peace! I didn't realize just how negative I was feeling until late yesterday afternoon...I feel so much lighter and a ton happier now. It was crazy and terrible and I can't believe I worked there for so long. Ugh.

I had a job interview that I am waiting to hear back from. This is in a church so I'm really praying that I get it...I desire to work in a true Christian environment. If this job doesn't come through I have a few other things in mind. I don't need to earn a ton of money, but I do need to bring in something each month.

Mike had some GREAT news at work also last week. The nasty GM that was basically forced into hiring him on permanent (because HE can't count days on a calendar!) has been transfered to Denver! Mike was SOOOOO happy when he told me. And even better, the new GM is a sup that has known Mike from his first season at work and has always been positive and encouraging and wanted Mike hired on a lot sooner than it happened. I'm so glad that God has blessed our family with all this wonderful news on our job fronts!

Now that I'm home with Zachary full time I am trying to implement a learning time. He "might" know his ABC's, numbers, colors and shapes but he sure won't tell me! He might even know some songs or whatever from the last year (wow!) in daycare...but he sure won't tell me. So, last week I started a letter, number, shape, color and song. I can't decide if I should keep at this one more week or go ahead and start a new set this week. He seems interested, thankfully. Mostly though, he's interested in trains! LOL He has a new word: Henry, the #3 train on Thomas the Tank Engine. Now he can say Henry, James, Edward (Eh wah), Percy (Prs) and of course Bertie the Bus. I think it's pretty normal developmentally right now that he's dropping most of his ending sounds, I'm just happy that he's TRYING to say more and more words for me...when I say something he actually tries.

Funny story then I'm done. In the car last night:

Mama: Zachary can you say Henry?
Zachary: Henry!
Mama: can you say James?
Zachary: James
Mama: can you say Thomas?
Zachary (dramatic pause): uh huh!

Haley got the biggest laugh out of that! That's pretty typical for him though. Sure I can say it...but WILL I????

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  • At 10:20 PM, August 12, 2008, Blogger MrsGiggles said…

    Tyler loves Thomas too! That story from the car was HILARIOUS!! I always wonder if they know more than they say...I truly believe they do. He is starting to sing his abc's on his own now, knows all his colors, a bunch of shapes, and counts to 5 sometimes! lol... Tyler isn't in day care at all. The only thing I know is that I talk to him ALL the time. I bet sometimes he thinks "SHUSH MOM!" I don't know if that is why he talks so much, but that is what I do. It's so tough cuz all the kids are so different. Mine might talk but yorus is prolly 1/2 a foot taller! ;-)

    Keep me posted on what you decide for "learning time." This has been on my mind to sit down with him for like an hour a day, but I haven't done it.

    I'm so happy about your job news. No matter how much we need money, it's not worth being unhappy. That's great about Mike's job news too. Stuff is so scary in this country right now so having a solid income is important. And our supplemental ones are now even more important. I was just working at Shopko to pay our car insurance ($60/month) but now when we need more money the store can't give me more than my 4 hours a week b/c no one is shopping! It's a horrible circle. Good thing I have the real estate gig tho cuz in this area of WI it's not bad! And I get to do it from home! :-)

    Ok, sorry for the rambling! If I wasn't addicted to the Olympics I'd be sleeping!


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