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Saturday, March 18, 2006

21 weeks...

well, on Monday! LOL But I tend to jump the gun and change on the weekends. I'm impatient, what can I say?

Two nights ago just as we were going to sleep the baby woke up and started kicking more out front than he normally does, so I had Mike put his hand where he was kicking most to see if he could feel the baby kick. Of course we have the world's most ornery baby on the way so as soon as it wasn't MY hand on my belly, the baby stopped kicking! LOL

Well, just a bit ago he started kicking and wiggling, I'm guessing he was turning over as it was pretty lengthy kicking. Anyway, Mike is at work, of course, so I had Haley come feel. I slid her hand under mine and then had her press down a bit (she freaked at first, doesn't that hurt him? LOL) first I thought he was done, but he finally kicked twice for his big sister to feel! Now I can't wait for Mike to feel him...he's really getting strong and his kicks are getting really deliberate instead of just all random movements. I have felt him roll over twice now this week...getting himself all comfy again!

That's it...just rambling about the little nameless man! LOL

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