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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

baby update

Like this whole thing isn't all one big babypalooza! LOL

Went to see the OB today. I know I've said it many many times before but our OB rocks the socks off just about anything. She's just amazing. I'm truly very lucky and very blessed to have found such a great doctor by making one phone call so many months ago. I could have ended up with some asshole like I had for Haley...but thank God I found such a great doctor.

BP was normal again! 114/80. I'm so glad it was all just nerves and stress and fear and not a sign of very bad things happening. Weight is down again, I did ask if things are ok, I'm overweight so I don't want to gain a ton of weight but I do want the baby to be healthy. I think I'm back to -1 from where I thought I started out. BabeDoc is not concerned about the yo-yo-ing, and since my uterus is measuring at 25 weeks when I'm just over 23 she's thinking baby is growing well too. Not sure on the urine, last visit with the NP it was +1, this time I didn't find out. So far so good, right? It just got better from there! Baby's heart rate was in the 150's again, even after he kicked the Doppler away, wiggled and made us search for him. LOL He's my boy afterall...stop messing with me! LOL

We talked about the left hip/pelvic pain I have had for a week or so now. I think I figured it out yesterday...since I'm driving the Jeep almost all the time now (Mike has the car for work and has been doing more day shifts than nights lately) I think it's how I have to lug myself into the driver's seat. I am not all that short, nor am I all that tall, but the Jeep has bigger tires so it's up there a bit. I have to hold onto the door, hoist my right side in and that puts my left hip at a strange angle. And gee, it hurts right where that strange angle comes into play. The nurse suggested getting a stool with a handle on it so I'd have a bit of a step up but also a way to pick that up when I was inside. LOL So we'll see. I'm just trying to move more, park further away from the grocery store or take the stairs if I'm only going up one flight. That kind of thing.

I asked about the allergies, and got a prescription for Zyrtec again. I was assuming that on days that I had to take more than one Benadryl to combat the 20 minutes of sneezing and watery, itchy eyes, that the baby was getting zonked out. He seems to be ok with once a day but if I had to take it twice, he slept a lot more. So I'll do the Zyrtec again. I need to ask about nursing on it though...I was told a few years ago that it will dry up my milk, and I don't want that to happen so I'll get more info soon.

We also asked when the next u/s would be to check baby and the placenta. I'll do the GTT test and blood work in 3 weeks then a week later go back for the u/s and check up again. That will put me at just shy of 28 weeks so we'll do the Rhogam shot at that appointment too. Fun, I tell ya! It's weird, I'm finally at a place that I'm ok going to see her every 4 weeks and this is my last 4 week stretch! I'll go at 27 weeks (next appt) then 30 weeks, then 33, 36 and every 2 weeks after that. We did talk about not going beyond 38 weeks, definitely if the placenta hasn't moved and more than likely if my cervix is ready she'll induce me at 38 weeks. She said mid July would be fine by her if everything is ready. We'll start doing biophysical profiles (what is that?) around 30 or 33 weeks too.

Mike asked when we should start taking childbirth classes. I took one 18 years ago. LOL He's never had one. After our u/s, to make sure it won't be a c-section for sure, we'll get going on it. We are to have it done by the end of June for sure. Also we'll look into the newborn care classes. I know I have kids and I did daycare for many many years but dude, I totally forgot about caring for a brand new baby 24/7. LOL I'm nervous about the first couple of weeks.

We finally told her we're moving. She asked when and where, I said shortly after baby comes, like a week or maybe 2 weeks tops and to TX. That was part of why I asked about inducing early, so that we can have a couple of weeks after the delivery to get settled in a bit before the 1200 mile move. I want to have the baby's baptism done here at our church before we go I need to call and get into the preparation classes for that as well. There are things to get done soon now!

I think that is all we covered. Next appt is May 3. I'm amazed at the lack of time we have left...really only 3 more months! It's exciting though...that's for sure!

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