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Friday, June 30, 2006

NST and OB appt

Amazingly enough, Zachary cooperated for his NST today! I was only on the monitor about 20 minutes long today. Good baby!!!

Exciting news, but seriously doesn't really mean a whole lot, is that I am 2 cm dilated!!! Zachary is head down as well, which totally surprised me as I can feel him kicking everywhere. I was almost sure he'd be transverse. Good baby! LOL

I made all my July appointments today up through my due date. My doc will be on vacation the week of July 24th, so IF I am favorable the week before (38 weeks) we'll see about inducing! Today she asked if I was pre-registered at the birth center (done!) and if we had his car seat yet (double done). We're all set. No need to call the OB's office when I'm in labor, just call ahead to the birth center to let them know I'm coming. Really not much longer now...just letting Zachy's lungs get nice and strong and put on a bit of weight. I'm good waiting until 38 weeks...that's only 2 more weeks!! So so close now, I am almost in denial.

I told Mike I would start packing my hospital bag today. There are a few things already packed and have been since my overnight stay at 25 weeks, but no clothes or baby things. I guess I really can do that now. I didn't want to pack my bag too early like I did with Micheal. I kept having to unpack things from it...I can't remember how early I had it ready but it seems like somewhere around 30 weeks! LOL I definitely do not remember having packed a bag at all for Haley, but I must have. It's been so long it's all just a blur anymore.

Not much longer...I'm getting SO excited. Mike is so ready to meet this little man and hold him in his arms. I'm ready to see his face and see what he's like on the outside. I'm guessing he'll be pretty mellow and content as that's how he is most often inside. He's got his wild moments, but overall I'm thinking we'll have a very sweet guy on our hands.

I have decided that when I'm home from the hospital and ready to post anything about Zachary, I most likely will only put one picture up here on the blog, and the rest will be in my Flickr account. I've changed that to where you have to be a friends/family person to see those pictures (there are too many weirdo's out in Internet land that like to steal baby pictures) so if you are not linked to my Flickr account and want to be, leave a comment and I'll make sure you're hooked up right. Not trying to be paranoid from the start, but cautious overall. Hopefully no one will be upset by that, but I have to keep my little guy safe, ya know!

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