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Friday, June 16, 2006

NST and OB update

Had the NST today, baby Z was his usually semi-cooperative self. LOL He eventually passed but it was almost more of a draw. I think the nurse got tired to having to stimulate him, little bugger. Of course as soon as the monitors were off he was back to the kicking wiggling machine he can be...but do not ask him to cooperate! LOL

Afterward I saw BabeDoc. She said baby looked fine on the test to her, he's doing great. I'm so tired today that I feel like I could just curl up and cry. LOL Had to repeat the urine test as I had something that starts with an "L" in my first sample so they wanted to recheck it. Guess I'll get a call later this afternoon if it's something that needs more care. BabeDoc said it was white blood cells and could be a silent infection or something like that. I trust she'll take care of me.

I finally gained one whole pound! Blood pressure was 114/80 so pretty much perfect. Not sure on the belly measurement but she says everything is going fine. I mentioned my fear of having a 12 pound newborn, she assured me he won't be much more than 7 to 8 pounds. It's normal for him to be around 5 pounds now...he's not a super giant. I guess we'll see sooner or later. I'm all kinds of down today so I'd be fine if he decided to come now. I wouldn't be fine, actually. I'd be freaked out as I know he's too small to breath on his own and would need to stay in the NICU. I want to avoid that as much as possible, so I'll take a nap and suck it up and stay pregnant at least another month. Just over 6 weeks until my due date...I can still remember being 6 weeks pregnant. I can do it...I can make it. I will make it.

Not much else going on. Next NST is next Friday, then the week after that is another NST followed by my most exciting OB appt to date...the pelvic exams start. Oh joy! That must mean I'm getting close, right???? I'm hoping to be a tiny bit dilated at least!!!! After all the babies I've had, I should be. LOL

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