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Monday, June 05, 2006

forgot the update!

Oops, sorry about that, been a bit busy lately! LOL

So, the NST and OB visit. Nothing earth shaking, other than at 8:30 AM baby is anything but cooperative! LOL I told the nurse that he was sleeping, he is awake around 5 or 6 AM every day, until shortly before 8, then he's out for a good 2 hours. EVERY DAY. She was determined he was sleepy because I didn't eat breakfast, shoot I was lucky to get to the appt on time showered! LOL I never eat before 9 unless I don't have dinner...that's just me. Anyway, she got me some apple juice to wake him up, proceeded to tell me 50 ways to make him move (all of which I've done at least once before...well except for the spoon thing) and then we watched him not cooperate on the monitor for a while. Apparently at not quite 32 weeks he's not expected to do a whole heck of a lot, so he passed the test.

The OB visit was short and sweet, since the nurse did all my vitals already. I didn't have a gain this time, but I also didn't lose the three pounds from the prior visit! Blood pressure was really pretty! I need to up my water somehow...not sure how but I'm trying. All in all, good visit. Belly measured at 34 weeks, we talked about how big he might be at birth, doc thinks 7 to 7 1/2 pounds is all! I kind of laughed, who really knows how big he'll be??

I'm scheduled all through June for weekly NST's and every other week OB visits. Then, if you can believe it, it will be JULY and I'll be going to the OB weekly and possibly more often for the NST's. Wow. I really can't believe it's getting close to July.

One other thing BabeDoc and I chatted about was the pelvic pain. We talked about how severe it is (oh my GOD is hurts!!), what makes it a tiny bit better and what makes it worse. We talked briefly on delivery...specifically on NOT being on my back during it. All in all, things are going really well. I'm finally feeling like a normal pregnant person, instead of the uber high risk I started out being. It's weird! LOL

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