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Monday, May 15, 2006

just stuff

Things are going mostly well here. The house has been on the market a week and we have not had one single showing. To say we're bummed is a MAJOR understatement. We won't give up until the fat lady sings though...there was a house in our neighborhood for sale since February and someone just moved in over the weekend. That was about 3 months...and we need to leave here in about 3 months, so we are still holding out hope. But damn...we have to SHOW it to SELL it, right??? Let's hope we get some interest and soon!

Other news, the boy gets to graduate with his class, even though he's not done with classes yet. He'll finish up in summer school, but the principal agrees with the mom and says IF he's close to having all but his English classes done, he can walk in the ceremony. I'll find out for sure the Senior Lunch that I get to attend. Big, fat, pregnant and hormonal...and my oldest is graduating. Yes I'll be taking the camera, and yes I'm sure I'll be bawling the entire week away. Wednesday is grad rehearsal and Thursday is graduation. Quick week.

I'm sick again. I swear I've done so well staying away from sick people but got blindsided when my SIL came to town last Tuesday. Caught a cold/sinus deal that has sapped ALL my energy, what little I did have that is, and left me with a nice raspy exhausting cough. I need to go back to the damn store for some Robitusin as I finished off what we did have at about 5AM today. Ugh. At least the nose issues are getting better, but I still feel like I'm drowning in snot and mucus. Yum.

I have an OB appt on Friday. Can you believe we are 29 weeks today? I'm floored. Not that I don't feel a bit more confidant that the baby will survive, I really do. I feel like he's very strong and healthy and IF something should happen to go wrong with my body and I go into labor or have to deliver him now, I feel very confidant that he's strong enough to survive. But, that said, I really want to keep him cooking at least another 6 weeks. 35 weeks was always my goal. I'd love to have him by 38 weeks, but that's just due to being impatient and not liking surprises! LOL I'd love to know the date he plans to arrive. Just like I'd love to know his name! LOL But that too will come. In time.

Last bit of big news on my mind and heart is my Dad. He was just diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. We think he's still in the earliest stages but don't know for sure. He did have a CT scan today to see what's what in his brain...not sure when or if he's had one in the past to compare it to, but it will tell the neurologist something. I'm gaining information on the disease and treatments as well as my sister, so that we are prepared to help Mom as much as we can. Mom, though, is in denial. She actually told me he's only got Dementia, which is part of Alzheimer's, but she's telling everyone else it is Alzheimer's. I think she's trying to protect me, being so far away and stressed with trying to sell the house and deal with life here, oh and have a baby, but my sister is keeping me in the loop. I'm worried about my parents and if we were in an ideal world I'd move in June right after Haley's ballet is over.

I think that's all. I know there is more, but I'm worn out. LOL

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