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Friday, April 21, 2006

I promise not to post again until it's not whining...

or until Tuesday, whichever comes first.

God almighty, life just down right SUCKS bunches of nasty ass right now. I can't even begin to figure out where to start.

Last week/weekend was the eye issue. Funny how that's resolved now, all but needing my damn contacts to come in so I can stop wearing these glasses. My vision is really screwy, like walking down the stairs is not so safe but I'm doing ok on driving. Weird.

Tuesday of this week I started to feel weird. Not hungry, a bit nauseous. Haley ended up puking at school and came home sick. While I was gone to get her the doctor's office called to rescheduled my May 3rd U/S and OB appt (I never did find out why but apparently the U/S lady needed 5/3 off?). Called and got all that straightened out and appt is THIS coming Tuesday 4/25. Since it was exactly one week before the appt I started stressing on when to go do the GTT and blood work since the doc wanted it all done 1 week before my next appt...but there's also the issue of "only" being at 25 weeks, is it too soon to do those tests??? Well, within an hour nothing mattered anymore...I was SICK. So sick, in fact, that Mike had to come home early from work and take me to the hospital where we got to spend the night! Lovely contractions, even more lovely feeling of something pushing from the inside of my cervix - Oh but with the possible placenta previa no internal exams for me! Somehow I managed to luck out and my awesome doctor was on call that night. Four bags of IV fluids, Fenergan, and tons of sleep, I woke up feeling like a newer person on Wednesday. We got to come home around 9 AM, but I still slept almost all day that day. Poor Mike, we had no clue how to make the chair into a bed thingy for him until around 8:55 AM...neither of us had a toothbrush (like we had a clue I'd be staying overnight anyway) and we both were exhausted since I was up no less than 6 times all night long to pee. Funny what some fluids do to your bladder, isn't it? We decided to call that experience our trial run at the hospital, now we know what we want to have in a little bag "just in case" and now we know what we'll be doing in HOPEFULLY the next 12ish weeks. LOL

Thursday didn't turn out to be that great of a day either though. Mike got a ton of stuff done around the house before he had to go to work, got cleaned up, took off to buy gas, and within 20 minutes or less he was back at home. The freaking TRANSMISSION, in our manual transmission car, was shot! No reverse, no first gear, no second gear. Great! So I was left home car-less without a clue how I'd manage to pick Haley up from school while he took the very large gas hog Jeep to deliver pizza. Ugh. Luckily he got to take a nice long break after it slowed down a bit, so I was able to get Haley picked up without too much more stress. When he got off work last night we took the car to a repair shop, that Mike was SURE he memorized the address correctly to...only he didn't. Picture this: I'm in the Jeep with a tire strapped to the front bumper so I can PUSH START the damned car. See, once he's moving enough to be in 3rd gear he's good to go forward. Forget about starting out, forget about backing out. So we get to where we think we're going and we have NO CLUE where this damned place is. At one point Mike actually gets the car STUCK in an alley type where I have to sit in it to hold the clutch in while he tries desperately to rock the car forward and back enough to get it out of this ditch like tight spot. I was SO frustrated at this point I started laughing. Which thank goodness made Mike laugh. Hey, it's either laugh or teach the dog to say fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck over and over again.

So, the repair guy is going to look at the damned car between 10 and 1 today. I left Mike's cell phone number because I'm about to puke thinking of the $$$$$$$$$$$$$ it will cost us to fix. We have to have 2 vehicles, Mike works when Haley has ballet on Mondays and he's got church when she's got ballet on Wednesdays. Not to mention what if something happens to ME or the BABY while he's at work and I'm stuck at home with no wheels? Forget running errands anymore. LOL I'm talking basic survival. that enough stress for anyone yet? I'm not sure I'm catching all the bad parts of this week. The friends from church that were going to send some guys over to paint the house fell through. Not the friends fault, one of the guys got a 5 year contract for a great job! I'm thrilled for him but SOOOO bummed that yet another task falls back into Mike's lap. So I sent another pleading email to our music group and included a couple of other people to help spread the word. We're having a garage sale tomorrow yet nothing is priced and honestly I have no clue how anything is going to work out to have it successful. But we HAVE to have it because we HAVE to replace the damn carpet in the family room ASAP. Mike told the Realtor what's been going on this week and that we won't be ready on Monday but hopefully by Wednesday. Realtor isn't pleased but you know what? LIFE BLOWS right now so deal with it buddy.

And finally, my biggest stress and fear has now been realized. The school district we're moving to in TX has finally decided when school will start. There was talk that they were going to wait until after Labor Day, which would have been SOOOOO helpful to us. But no. School starts on August 14. Registration for new students is July 31 to August 3. We have to have PROOF OF RESIDENCE via a bill with our names and address on it to register Haley in school. Guess what???? We have NO CLUE where we'll be living. None. Oh and the little matter of a BABY that's technically not due until July 31 brings up yet another problem. How in the hell is this going to work?????????

So, if you don't hear from me for a while, I'll update on the u/s and OB appt on Tuesday. I promise if there is nothing but bad news and stress I won't post again until there is some smidgen of good going on around here. Ha ha.

I bet it will be a LONG while before I'm back! LOL

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