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Friday, April 14, 2006

the only words I can think of all start with F

Flipping house. I swear it just KNOWS we're trying to actually make a profit on it and now, the week or so before the for sale sign goes up, EVERYTHING is falling apart quickly.

Yesterday afternoon a friend from church called and said he was on his way over to help around the house so find him something to do. No problem! LOL Just before he gets here I notice the top shelves in the fridge are wet and icy and there is a leak from (apparently) the freezer onto the shelf. Well, I have had "clean the fridge" on my list of things to do for a while now, so I figure it's as good a time as any to get started, right? Our friend gets here and at Mike's suggestion I have the friend turn off the water to the ice maker. Thinking that would cure it, I ignore the problem. Until about three minutes ago. Haley just said it's still wet on the top shelves. Great. At least it's clean in there and the nasty leftovers are gone. Ugh.

Then, even after having the carpets cleaned last weekend, we realize we HAVE to replace the family room carpet. It's just nasty. Stained and then the two places that the previous owners cut out of them and "patched" back together. Worse than all that though, since the cleaning of said carpet, it smells in here. I asked Mike, who has a bad sense of smell, if he could smell anything because of my overactive sense of smell. When he said yes I knew we were doomed. Price is ranging right around $600 for carpet and pad, plus whatever my carpet laying cousin charges us. He used to work for that he's married he doesn't come that cheap. Ugh.

Oh, the other fun thing we got to replace today was the hose to the power washer we borrowed. It has apparently been drug along under the machine long enough that it finally blew. On us. Yesterday when I was trying to give the friend a job to do. Ugh.

Now the fun whine. I am having contractions. Not tons and they do finally subside when I sit or lay down. But last night at church I was in SO much pain I was sure I'd end up at the hospital before I went to bed that night. I am drinking tons of water so it shouldn't be dehydration related...but I know that I am doing WAY to much of the work around the house. Problem is, without my helping out, that leaves Mike to do it all alone. And he's already working 50ish hours a week plus all he does around the house every other spare moment of his day. If only we could find someone that doesn't work that can magically do all the things that Mike and I know need done before next weekend. Ugh.

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