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I'm just me: wife to Mike for 9 years, mom to three great kids I can hug and kiss every day and one babe I can't wait to hold in my arms again one day soon. I'm always looking to improve my faith life and be a better wife and mother.

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The Mommy is bored...the kids are bored...the Daddy works too much. What's a family to do???

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Monday, May 08, 2006

busy busy day!

I'm tired and I still have hours of things to do!

Biggest news of the day:

Other big news, I scored a super nice high chair for a super price! I used to have one similar for the daycare, but what else is knew, I got rid of it! LOL Now I'll have the model I wanted but didn't buy and in a pattern I love more than my old one! Score! Another big baby day here...I got a huge box of clothes from a friend of mine, we are all set for newborn to 6 months size in clothes now! Actually I'm feeling very blessed as a couple of weeks ago a family at our church gave us a boppy pillow (again very similar to the one I had and sold! LOL) and a very nice exersaucer. Other than the pack n play bassinet and the baby bath tub, we are set on the big stuff. I think. LOL

I got my Rhogam shot today, man my butt burned for almost an hour! I'm not sure if it was because I had her do it in my hip that is super sore (she wanted me to stand in this really weird position so I opted for that hip to avoid standing with all my weight on was strange!) or what the difference was, but this shot stung like a bitch! LOL I've had 5 of them before so I thought I knew what I was getting into! LOL Guess everything is still a surprise for me, eh? LOL

Time for ballet so I better run. I'm shocked that I'm 28 weeks today. Not all that much longer!!!

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