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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Some good news, for a change.

Did I mention the transmission in my car went out on Mike the other day when he was on his way to work? If I had felt better last Wednesday (the day I got out of the hospital) and took Haley to dance class, she and I would have been stranded half way across town (on the Bypass or Interstate possibly) with a dead car. Thank goodness I wasn't feeling good! LOL

So, today was u/s and OB appt day. Both were good appts. The u/s was a let down after our 45 minute one at 17 weeks. Good news, baby is still alive. LOL I guess I know that best of all since he's a non stop moving machine! Seriously though, he's still a boy...which after Mike's brother's baby that was born on Easter Sunday turned out to be a girl after being told she was a boy for months, I was glad to be able to make sure. LOL Big boy...very proud of himself. LOL

Baby weighs about 2.1 pounds today, so he's just a tad bit bigger than the normal/average. BabeDoc said he's in the 55th percentile for size. Yeah...grow baby grow! I am doing well on the iron, still take the pills when I remember but not that big a deal if I forget (like I have most of the week, oops), and the GTT was passed with flying colors! Yippee! I was told when I was about 6 weeks pregnant with Matthew that I would definitely have gestational diabetes in my pregnancy (2003/2004) because of my age and my weight. Gee, thanks stranger who doesn't know me from a hole in the wall. LOL Other appt highlights, I lost 3 pounds...I'm now officially under my estimated pre-pregnancy weight. BabeDoc is still not worried, but I'm beginning to wonder why I can't gain something. I was very ill though, so I'll leave it at that. Next appt I better show some sort of gain. At least baby is growing well though.

I almost forgot the BEST news. The placenta previa is completely resolved. In the words of our doctor, GO GET BUSY! LOL I think that was Mike's (and mine) favorite news at the end of the appointment. LOL Not that we have time, mind you, but we're all clear once again.

What that means, in reality and what matters, is that we have no freaking clue when this baby will be born, so we have no idea when we'll be moving. BabeDoc is still agreeable to induction at 38 weeks IF my cervix is favorable. So there is still tons of worry over how we'll get Haley registered for school on time to start school on time...but we're working with my sister on a plan for now. We'll take this one step at a time.

After the appointment and running of errands (since I'm car-less now I have to wait for Mike's days off to go anywhere...SUCKS! LOL) we had lunch out together at Qdoba. Yum. I'm actually still full from lunch. LOL Anyway, we were leaving lunch to go home when Mike gets a message on his cell phone. It's not ringing to the phone quite often but thankfully people are leaving messages for him. This one was from UPS. As in, come in NOW to do your paperwork you're rehired seasonally and we want you to start in less than 2 weeks. YIPPEE! I know, I'm still pissed about him being passed over for permanent hire, but right now, with the vehicle situation, he can't work for Domino's anymore. It costs us nearly $50 to fill the Jeep where is used to be $22 to fill the car. We'd be losing tons of money if he kept working for Domino's much tonight he gave his notice and will start at UPS on 5/8. THANK YOU GOD!

So...a good day has finally dawned. I tell ya, life has been toooooooooooooo sucktacular for words lately. I spent most of yesterday feeling completely hopeless and sure that the entire situation of our lives could only get worse. Thank goodness my hope has reappeared today and life is better.

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