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Saturday, May 20, 2006

those pesky hairs in the tub...

I don't think I articulated the "pelvic" pain I'm having very well. I think my doc is thinking it's one of those normal pregnancy pains. I'm thinking it's much more than that.

See, I'm trying to avoid using words like vagina and pubic too much as it totally embarrasses my 12 year old daughter.

But seriously folks, it's my VAGINA that feels as if it's about to BURST into two separate pieces and go up in flames from my PUBIC area. Not so much the pelvis that surrounds my hips and all that...the actual VAGINA.

Is that a bit clearer? LOL

When I was pregnant with Haley (13 years ago!) she decided that my pubic bone made a mighty nice pillow and home for the last 2 or 3 months of her stay. It was so bruised that every doctor appointment that I had when it came to measuring my fundal height I was in tears. This time, that's not the case, or at least so far. (heh, I just typed fart.)

When BabeDoc measured my fundal height yesterday it didn't hurt - at all. But last night, and many many sleepless nights ago, when I laid myself down to sleep, I was in pain. No matter if I lay on my left side or my right, my pelvis hurts when I lay down. She asked if a pillow under my belly or between my legs helped and it actually hurts MORE than not using I don't use anything. And god help us all when I have to roll over due to the hip I'm laying on being in so much pain, or my arm/shoulder being numb from laying on it for so long, rolling over is so much more than just painful. I'm starting to wake up enough to try something that appears to maybe be helping a little bit. Sound confidant, don't I? I tried it twice and so far once it wasn't too bad. I have to grab my vagina with one hand, hold my thighs as hard together as I possibly can and then attempt to roll over without using any muscles below my boobs or above my toes. Seems impossible, right? I swear to you that in the next 10ish weeks I'll have a system down pat and I'll write a book for all the "large" pregnant chicks to let them know you CAN roll over in bed without screaming a little each time. But. It hurts. A lot.

Now on to another taboo subject. What the hell is up with the maniac growth of pubic hair? I swear I have more hair on those parts of my body than Mike does on his entire very hair man body. Ugh! I have resigned myself to using the electric shaver on my legs about once a week when I am on the potty, that's all I can manage I've asked Mike to take over the real razor and shaving cream duty, so as to not look too horrible this spring/summer. But do you think my ultra modest husband would flip out completely if I asked him to trim up the pubs? I got toilet paper tangled up in them for crying out loud! Since I can barely see "downstairs" in the full length mirror anymore I just can't keep up with it. If I do end up going swimming I'll have to wear shorts to hide the outrageous amounts of pubs that live on my bikini area. And what a joke that is! LOL I hope when I'm done housing this little man that the hair issues will calm themselves down. I'm not very happy about being more hairy than my man. LOL

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