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Friday, May 26, 2006


I just called and registered for childbirth classes. ACK! LOL

It's been nearly 19 YEARS since I took a class and back then it was SUCH a joke to me. I had no clue why on earth I needed any of that crap. LOL I am not even sure it helped when it came time for M to be born. I never did take any classes when I was pregnant with H - M was born in 5 hours, H was a horrible 18 hour process. Maybe I should have had a refresher? LOL Actually it was the shitty doctor, but that's another bitch for another day.

So, Mike and I will be learning how to bring this babe into the world on 2 Saturday afternoons. We get a book, videos and a tour! Whee!! Doesn't that sound like the BEST use of time? I'm sure it will be informative...I'm just scared to death to do anything to "jinx" this baby's life.

I'm also about to go sign us up for the baptism classes at our church. I need to find out if I can go alone or if Mike HAS to be there, or if I can bring a godparent with me just so there is more than me there for the class. We never can count on Mike being off work in time for a 6:30 PM class. It'll all work out, somehow.

I'm starting to freak out just a little bit about this baby coming. I mean, it's obvious he's doing really well, but my old body is starting to give out on us. My pelvis is SO sore, my hips are a mess. I apparently look miserable as everyone at church on Wednesday night was asking how much longer and when I said JULY they about cried for me. I swear I feel great - minus the pelvic pain - and I'm not ready to have baby Z just yet...but give me 6 more weeks of this pain and I might start to become ready real soon. LOL I want him to cook long enough that he won't need to be in the NICU, but I want to deliver long before my hips fly off my body and end up in the bottom of the river. Not asking for too much, right???

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