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I'm just me: wife to Mike for 9 years, mom to three great kids I can hug and kiss every day and one babe I can't wait to hold in my arms again one day soon. I'm always looking to improve my faith life and be a better wife and mother.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Happy Birthday to me...

I don't think I'm going to call this one a happy one. I'm all kinds of depressed right now. So many contractions over the past 13 days and I seriously wonder if this baby will EVER be born, let alone tomorrow. Once you start to dilate and efface, can you go backwards? LOL

I had 5 seriously nice contractions between 11 and 12, then my typical, keep me from getting any real sleep 1 to 2 contractions every hour after midnight. Got up every hour to pee, and from 4 AM on I never did fall back to sleep. Is this what Zach's schedule will be like? If so, after nearly 2 weeks of this non sleep stuff, I'm tired but functioning. LOL

I'm so impatient. Tomorrow can NOT get here soon enough. Mike and I have been making silly bets and guesses on what will happen tomorrow, but at this point I'm wondering if my doc will laugh at me, tell me to go home and stay pregnant another month. Ugh. I hate hormones.

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