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Saturday, July 08, 2006

things that annoy me, volume 1

I'm sure this isn't actually volume 1, but let's just be funny today, OK?

Dear Zachary, I know you're still little, you're not even "new" around here yet...but let me just tell you, boy you are really starting to push it with me! LOL First of all, Thursday would have been a GREAT day to let those contractions bring your butt into this world. They were awesome...10 minutes apart for about 2 hours! Then we go to ballet, your favorite place anymore, and you STOP them? That was so not funny at all. At least they started up again after dinner, but one or two an hour isn't going to do much to bring you out here.

Secondly, this sleep thing that I seem to be unable to achieve. I am pretty sure the past month has brought several glimpses into our first few weeks or months of time together, you up every couple of hours to eat and change diapers and me not minding. Right now I get up because I have to potty, you seem to only get up every other time I do. Which is fine, I really don't mind. Actually I love it at night when you're all sleepy and stretching and rolling around. But what I can totally do without has been happening these past 2 nights...getting woke up for one or maybe two contractions EVERY HOUR! They're not strong at all, they probably aren't doing anything for my cervix, but damn if they aren't waking me up! What's the deal with that? If I'm exhausted, which I'm getting real close to being, I can't effectively deliver either step them up, head butt the hell out of me or STOP! LOL

Another thing that is annoying me lately, RAIN. It's been raining non stop for the entire week. Yes we need the rain, but seriously...I am thinking of having Mike build me an ark so I can get out of the house! I'm constantly worrying that my scrap room is going to flood, but we've put up a temporary awning that seems to be working. There is a drain right outside the door to the room, but with all the pine trees it gets clogged up with needles and overflows INTO my scrap room. Not good!

I think I'll go take a shower and get dressed so that Mike and I can go walk around the mall today. Can't walk outside with how wet it is, but the mall could be fun for people watching if nothing else! LOL

Think cervical dilation thoughts for us, OK? I am really ready to have this baby TODAY.

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  • At 10:51 PM, July 08, 2006, Blogger Girl said…

    OHH Kerry I am so excited. I hope you let me come when he is born.... I am so excited! I can't believe it is already time.


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