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Thursday, July 06, 2006

magic numbers...

Last week's OB appt found my cervix at 2 CM yet not thinned at all. Today, today is much better news! I'm nearly 3 CM and 50% effaced! All in 6 short days!

BabeDoc is going out of town the last full week of July, her last day in the office is the 20th. I have an appt on the 13th at which time we'll talk more seriously of inducing. If for some strange reason I'm still around for my appt on the 19th, we'll defiantly induce on the 20th. I'm beyond sure that I'll be having this baby before the 20th, with as well as the dilation and effacing is doing with the contractions I'm having just from using the birth ball and walking as much as I can. But if not, if he decides he wants to wait until the last possible moment before BabeDoc is going on vacation, well, he's been notified of his eviction date! LOL

I'll be full term on Monday, so any time after that I'm more than happy to have him arrive. It's been so long since my heart has felt this full of joy and so at peace. All because of an ornery little boy who came to heal my heart for good.

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