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Saturday, July 22, 2006

newborn fun

Life with Zach is very fun. He's such a great baby. He nurses very well, he sleeps very well, he rarely cries.

Well, that was, until today. His jaundice got worse, and tonight he becomes "glow baby" Zachy.

I know it's all normal and we're quite lucky that he's home and not in the hospital, but damn. The lack of information just really got the best of me and I started crying while trying to get more information from the on call nurse. I handed Mike the phone so he could try to get some kind of information so that we don't hurt Zachary by our lack of knowledge of this Bili blanket thing. Ugh.

After talking to both the on call nurse and the home medical company trying to get all the information we wanted so we'd feel comfortable with treating Zachary at home, I had Mike call my SIL, who used to work for this home medical company a long time ago. I remembered her saying she used to set the Bili beds up all the I figured, if she remembers from all those years ago, she would be a good source of information. Turns out she was very helpful (Mike talked to her while I was feeding the baby and still steaming over the nurses lack of care if we were able to hold our 3 day old baby or not while he's doing all this light therapy). I think it's official, I'm exhausted and hormones are still out of whack. Oh well.

At first Zachary was really fidgety, his version of showing he's not happy with what's going on in his life. My SIL assured us that he'd be ok laying on his side on that hamburger flipper looking paddle thing, and since I rolled him just a tad onto his side, he's MUCH more content. Actually sound asleep now for just over an hour. I'm sure he'll be awake in the next 30 to 45 minutes, diaper change time and time to eat. He's such a great baby.

Tomorrow we go to the hospital for another Bili level check, hopefully we'll see some improvement. His level on Thursday night was 10, and today was 16. That's a pretty big jump for 2 days time. SIL said his level may go up overnight, so we're keeping that in mind as well. I guess I won't be going to church tomorrow night after all...bummer. But I want my boy to get over all these little things...his bruised face, his sore arm, his circumcision, and now the jaundice. Poor guy, life sure is hard outside the womb! LOL

Thanks for all the wonderful comments and emails...sorry I'm not answering any emails right now! LOL I'm sure you all understand though...he's only this little for a short amount of time!

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  • At 1:50 PM, July 23, 2006, Blogger Purr said…

    ooh good thoughts for baby boy! My last had jaundice but it wasn't bad enough for the lights. I hope his leaves quickly! He's just so gorgeous, Kerry!! Congrats again!


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