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Thursday, September 20, 2007

retail therapy!

Today was my first "payday"...which is nice since I've worked exactly half of an hour (if that!) for this check. The ladies I work for said this, and our next check, are not pay checks but rather bonus checks. Nice. So, my bonus check and I had a little retail therapy appointment today...and we are both very satisfied!

We got this camera and this printer...and got some amazing deals on them both, as well as a surprise mail in rebate!

I can not wait to take real pictures, but the trial ones today came out pretty nice! And I found out I can upgrade this camera, should I ever become more than a point and shoot picture taker! LOL

The printer...oh my gosh what gorgeous colors!!! I printed some pictures for Zachary (he loves to carry pictures around all the live long day!) and the color and detail are just so amazing. I can't wait to figure out what pictures I want to print and hang on my walls!

Ok...time to clean up the very messy boy and get my butt out for a walk.

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