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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

little tough boy

I was going through the (very few) pictures of Zachary I have taken since his first birthday and I'm not sure I should be surprised or what...but all the pictures are of him either sick/with a rash, or with a HUGE owie. LOL My little tough boy...preparing me for what's ahead?

Above, the night after him falling down the stairs outside...again. Poor boy and stairs are never going to be friends! LOL

Below, same baby, same "injury", but surprisingly different.

And this was day one, maybe 2, of a rash that was thought to be Hand Foot and Mouth, but what I totally think was Roseolla. He never got the mouth ulcers and the spots on his feet never fact all his spots stayed flat and red, until they turned pink and went away. Oh well...we got to alert his daycare that he was "contagious" and they, in turn, got to tell the entire daycare and get everyone riled up! But at least 2 other toddlers ended up with a rash after who knows how it started and when it will end!

I'm still waiting for my job to start. And while I'm sitting at home, not making any money, we're still sending Zachary to daycare. Yes I feel totally guilty, but I'm getting quite a bit of reading done! I do need to clean my house again this week...just in case my job actually starts soon. I'll find out tonight when the next deadline is...but they've already had FOUR deadlines pass by without the building being finished. If I was the owner...I'd have a few choice words for the contractors!

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