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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

dot to dot boy

These pictures are from Monday morning...poor babe broke out in a rash on Sunday and then the fever hit later Sunday night. Monday morning he was just miserable! I took him to his doctor and she at first thought he had Roseolla...then after looking at the spots on his feet and the redness in his throat changed her mind to Hand, Foot and Mouth disease.'s now day 4 of the rash and the spots are still there but they are turning pink. They are still flat puss, no pimples and no ulcers in his mouth. His feet have a lot of spots...almost more than his belly! But nothing that indicates HFM at all. In fact, if I recall correctly from a friend that went through this recently he should be in pain. And he's not. The last time he had Motrin for his fever was Monday afternoon. He's not had any Motrin for pain at all. His appetite is awesome, he's drinking a ton of water and nursing as much as I'll let him. He's napping more than normal, but I'm kind of forcing that on him. If he's sick (which, how can he not be with all those spots!!) then his body needs to rest. Nights are not going as well as I want them to...he's wanting to sleep ON me. I can't sleep when he's on top of my chest! So...nights are tough and I'm tired. But oh well...I've been tired since before he was born.

Anyway...there's my dot to dot guy. He's in a great mood for looking so spotty!

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