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Thursday, August 09, 2007


What could happen to a nurse, or group of nurses/aids/whomever is involved, if it's found that a patient is being given medications that are not listed in their charts...are not ordered by their doctor...are not wanted by the family?

My Dad has been sleeping a lot. Not because he's tired or worn out from physical therapy sleeping, but dead to the world I'm on some kind of drug sleeping. Our guess, which will be proved right or wrong by the tox panel that has been ordered and should be running now, is that the night duty nurses or whomever is around, is tired of my dad "being a problem patient". Remember that he's got Alzheimer's? Well, he doesn't. He has NO CLUE where he is, and half the time he doesn't know who HE is anymore. Yesterday he was finally himself. Ate like there was a food ration going on...knew my sister, my mom and recognized that he was in a hospital. Pretty darn good, right? Today, as he was the entire week before yesterday, he's sleeping. We are pretty sure that he's been trying to get up at night, forgetting he can't do it alone, forgetting why he's in the hospital, forgetting every little detail, and the nurses are getting upset with him...and giving him a sleeping pill. Or something. We'll see once we get the results, and then we'll see who's left without a J O B for being an ass.

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