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I'm just me: wife to Mike for 9 years, mom to three great kids I can hug and kiss every day and one babe I can't wait to hold in my arms again one day soon. I'm always looking to improve my faith life and be a better wife and mother.


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whiny baby tales

The Mommy is bored...the kids are bored...the Daddy works too much. What's a family to do???

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

first Halloween

I wish he was this happy ALL the time!


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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blizzard of 2006


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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

home again

We had a good trip, not a vacation by any means. I am very glad I was there to help my Mom and be there with my Dad. We have a week long wait ahead of us to see if the PET scan Dad had yesterday comes back with any cancer. I do wish I had all the money in the world or at the very least a jet to get my butt back there next Monday for the results. All I can do is pray...and wait.

Zachary is doing really well. He's huge, trying to do all kinds of fun things. I remembered to get a picture of him in the same rocking chair from when I was little...I have a picture of Micheal in it as well but not Haley which is odd.

I need to scan Micheal's picture as well as get the one of me from Mom.

I really have nothing to say...just that I'm home again.


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Friday, October 13, 2006

lots of things

not sure I'll really say a whole lot though! LOL

I'm borrowing a computer, so forgive the typo's I miss.

I am not at home right now, I'm in a whole other state! LOL My dad wasn't doing real great at one point last week so the kids and I took a road trip. Zachary did really well on the 1200 mile trek, thank goodness. I'm really not looking forward to the drive home, and will definitely not make day one as long this time.

We got some interesting news today at my dad's follow up appt, and it's too soon to say anything. Just keep us in your thoughts, OK?

I'm tired, we are getting up early again tomorrow and the baby wants to I'm out of here!


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