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Thursday, June 28, 2007

In case I'm too busy tomorrow...

Hey Daddy, it's your birthday!!! Happy birthday to you!!!!

I am really kind of glad that I was able to just postpone my trip to TX rather than totally cancel it. My sister called a bit ago with not so great news. Dad had his follow up on the CT scan from 2 weeks ago and it appears that after months of no change the spots on his lung have grown. And the incredible hip pain he's been having? Yeah, he's got a spot there now too.

The cancer doc wants to do a biopsy. Now I can't remember if July 17th is the actual biopsy or just the next appointment with the cancer doc and at that time they will schedule the biopsy. I wish my brain worked better.

I guess on an up note, his bladder surgery from last week seems to be working as he's not on a catheter. That follow up appointment was supposed to be yesterday but got rescheduled for July 11th, so I'll be able to go to that appointment with my Mom and sister.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Being an adult sucks!

Some days I really wish I could just be an irresponsible child...get everything I want and have it all go my way. I was supposed to leave town tomorrow to go spend two weeks with my parents...but my freaking CAR decided it needed to have all my trip money, and then some, put into it. Naughty car. But it will be nice to be able to drive around town with the air conditioner going and not freak out about the engine overheating all the time. And having four brand new tires will be nice so as not to worry about having a 10 year old tire blow out on the hot highway in the middle of nowhere Texas alone with three kids. So there are some perks to being responsible.

But still! I really wanted to go!!! My Dad had surgery last week and I wanted to be there for his next FOUR doctor appointments. The neurologist, the back surgeon, the bladder surgeon and the latest CT scan to continue to make sure he does NOT have lung cancer! Selfishly I want to be there for ME...I want to hear that he is going to be ok for a while longer in person. I'm ok hearing the news over the phone, my sister is really good about passing all the info along. But I would like to be more involved in his daily care and helping my mom out by cooking and laundry and things like that she isn't able to do so well herself. I worry about my parents getting older and my sister not being able to drop everything and go attend to their needs.

Don't get me wrong, Kelly is awesome at being there for everything my parents need. In fact she is so good with my Dad I know I can't do a tenth of what she does and have the patience she's got. That is one thing she was blessed with whether she knows it or not! But, the child in me screams all the louder as one more thing gets dropped in their laps from yet another medical specialist...They're My Parent's Too! I should be there to help every day too.

My Daddy has a birthday in 5 more days. My oldest son turned 19 yesterday. I love that they have birthdays so close together. This was one year I was hoping to celebrate them both together as it's been many years since we have done that.

Oh well...I'll suck it up and be the grown up right now. I know there will be another chance to go visit again and will just keep hoping it's sooner rather than later.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

baking question

how do you think the frosting for these was made:

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Friday, June 08, 2007

ah, young love

My goddaughter Katie with Zachary in the park

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Monday, June 04, 2007


I believe this will be night a row...that Zachary has now official slept through the night. Ok, I'm jumping ahead and he may in fact have a terrible night now that I've claimed it as otherwise.

Anyway...three nights ago he slept from 9 PM to 5 AM, two nights ago it was 9:15 PM to 5:08 AM...last night it was 7:15 PM to 6:08 AM. Yes...I'm starting to keep track of the minutes! If I could get to bed, and to sleep, before midnight, I'd be sleeping all night too!

I'm so proud of him sleeping so well by himself! I have to keep remembering to put him to bed in long pants because this morning he was freezing cold when I got him up.

Naps aren't going as well...we're doing so much running around he's getting real used to sleeping in the car and not at all in his room. Today was maybe 45 minutes of sleeping wrapped around 20 minutes of crying and fussing. Next week will begin the much better routine during the more ballet, no more excessive running around. Or at least I can hope. I have started to claim his nap time as sacred and nothing is to wake him before he wakes himself up. That means I've been spending a good amount of time sitting in the car. Remind me to get some books, ok. I'm out of things to do to keep myself entertained for an hour or more at a time when I'm stuck in the car!

I can not believe this little boy will be one in just a few short weeks. Six, in fact. Wow.

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