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The Mommy is bored...the kids are bored...the Daddy works too much. What's a family to do???

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Friday, September 28, 2007

hope it's not a mistake!

I just listed 15 baby items on our local Craigslist...I have got to declutter my basement! Once these things are sold I'll start in on either the office stuff (from running many a home business we can start up an office pretty much anywhere!) or the scrapbooking stuff. I am scared of the scrapbooking stuff...I know there are at least 10 boxes and not all of them are labeled correctly! LOL


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Friday, September 21, 2007

good camera, bad picture ops's a shot from the old camera:

and the new camera (I took this by holding the camera up and not looking! Not too bad, right? LOL)

I can not wait to play around with this camera more...hopefully this weekend!!!!

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

retail therapy!

Today was my first "payday"...which is nice since I've worked exactly half of an hour (if that!) for this check. The ladies I work for said this, and our next check, are not pay checks but rather bonus checks. Nice. So, my bonus check and I had a little retail therapy appointment today...and we are both very satisfied!

We got this camera and this printer...and got some amazing deals on them both, as well as a surprise mail in rebate!

I can not wait to take real pictures, but the trial ones today came out pretty nice! And I found out I can upgrade this camera, should I ever become more than a point and shoot picture taker! LOL

The printer...oh my gosh what gorgeous colors!!! I printed some pictures for Zachary (he loves to carry pictures around all the live long day!) and the color and detail are just so amazing. I can't wait to figure out what pictures I want to print and hang on my walls!

Ok...time to clean up the very messy boy and get my butt out for a walk.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

horsin' around!

We had a very fun day yesterday with our very best friends - Stacy, Sammy and Katie, along with several other good friends! We spent the majority of the day up at the beautiful Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Some pictures:

Now I have never claimed to be any sort of a photographer...I just take pictures to remember our lives. But I need a better camera! I currently use a Kodak DX3600 2.2 megapixel with a crappy zoom lens. I don't want a big fancy camera...I want an easy to use point and shoot with a decent zoom that doesn't cost $300. I also need a new color printer to print said pictures for scrapbooking. And so the baby can walk around carrying 15gazillion pictures to make him leave my frames alone! LOL


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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thank you for my freedom

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Monday, September 10, 2007

can't catch a break

I was talking to my sister today about my dad. I wish he could just catch a break for a while...but things are not good.

Zachary has become the baby who will NEVER stop drooling or get more than 4 teeth. Scratch baby...make that toddler. I have to try extra hard to remember he's not a baby anymore.

I still haven't started work yet Zachy's been in daycare a full month now. I do get to go play with work computers tomorrow and I have been getting paid since last week even though the building isn't finished. I'm freaking BORED to death though.

My computer is acting a fool so I'm out.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

little tough boy

I was going through the (very few) pictures of Zachary I have taken since his first birthday and I'm not sure I should be surprised or what...but all the pictures are of him either sick/with a rash, or with a HUGE owie. LOL My little tough boy...preparing me for what's ahead?

Above, the night after him falling down the stairs outside...again. Poor boy and stairs are never going to be friends! LOL

Below, same baby, same "injury", but surprisingly different.

And this was day one, maybe 2, of a rash that was thought to be Hand Foot and Mouth, but what I totally think was Roseolla. He never got the mouth ulcers and the spots on his feet never fact all his spots stayed flat and red, until they turned pink and went away. Oh well...we got to alert his daycare that he was "contagious" and they, in turn, got to tell the entire daycare and get everyone riled up! But at least 2 other toddlers ended up with a rash after who knows how it started and when it will end!

I'm still waiting for my job to start. And while I'm sitting at home, not making any money, we're still sending Zachary to daycare. Yes I feel totally guilty, but I'm getting quite a bit of reading done! I do need to clean my house again this week...just in case my job actually starts soon. I'll find out tonight when the next deadline is...but they've already had FOUR deadlines pass by without the building being finished. If I was the owner...I'd have a few choice words for the contractors!

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