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Friday, May 26, 2006


I just called and registered for childbirth classes. ACK! LOL

It's been nearly 19 YEARS since I took a class and back then it was SUCH a joke to me. I had no clue why on earth I needed any of that crap. LOL I am not even sure it helped when it came time for M to be born. I never did take any classes when I was pregnant with H - M was born in 5 hours, H was a horrible 18 hour process. Maybe I should have had a refresher? LOL Actually it was the shitty doctor, but that's another bitch for another day.

So, Mike and I will be learning how to bring this babe into the world on 2 Saturday afternoons. We get a book, videos and a tour! Whee!! Doesn't that sound like the BEST use of time? I'm sure it will be informative...I'm just scared to death to do anything to "jinx" this baby's life.

I'm also about to go sign us up for the baptism classes at our church. I need to find out if I can go alone or if Mike HAS to be there, or if I can bring a godparent with me just so there is more than me there for the class. We never can count on Mike being off work in time for a 6:30 PM class. It'll all work out, somehow.

I'm starting to freak out just a little bit about this baby coming. I mean, it's obvious he's doing really well, but my old body is starting to give out on us. My pelvis is SO sore, my hips are a mess. I apparently look miserable as everyone at church on Wednesday night was asking how much longer and when I said JULY they about cried for me. I swear I feel great - minus the pelvic pain - and I'm not ready to have baby Z just yet...but give me 6 more weeks of this pain and I might start to become ready real soon. LOL I want him to cook long enough that he won't need to be in the NICU, but I want to deliver long before my hips fly off my body and end up in the bottom of the river. Not asking for too much, right???

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Thursday, May 25, 2006


God I feel like a shit right now. I just picked H up from school, it's the last day. She looked like she was upset, so I asked what was wrong. She starts crying and says she doesn't want to move. I feel SO selfish right now.

Mike has made it perfectly clear that he is only moving "for the baby". Now Haley, she wants to move, but only if her friends can come with her. I swear, I'm about ready to say screw it all. We have to move out of this house, out from under this mortgage, and the plan has been to make a better life for ALL of us.


Way too many hormones in my body right now to even try to be logical about anything. I've been crying since I picked H up from school. Locked myself in my room AND the bathroom so she didn't see...but she knows. And she keeps trying to "make me feel better" but damn. Too many hormones. Can't keep going right now. Ugh.

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Monday, May 22, 2006

spell it right..

If your name was Zachary and you wanted to shorten it, would you spell it Zach or Zack?

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

those pesky hairs in the tub...

I don't think I articulated the "pelvic" pain I'm having very well. I think my doc is thinking it's one of those normal pregnancy pains. I'm thinking it's much more than that.

See, I'm trying to avoid using words like vagina and pubic too much as it totally embarrasses my 12 year old daughter.

But seriously folks, it's my VAGINA that feels as if it's about to BURST into two separate pieces and go up in flames from my PUBIC area. Not so much the pelvis that surrounds my hips and all that...the actual VAGINA.

Is that a bit clearer? LOL

When I was pregnant with Haley (13 years ago!) she decided that my pubic bone made a mighty nice pillow and home for the last 2 or 3 months of her stay. It was so bruised that every doctor appointment that I had when it came to measuring my fundal height I was in tears. This time, that's not the case, or at least so far. (heh, I just typed fart.)

When BabeDoc measured my fundal height yesterday it didn't hurt - at all. But last night, and many many sleepless nights ago, when I laid myself down to sleep, I was in pain. No matter if I lay on my left side or my right, my pelvis hurts when I lay down. She asked if a pillow under my belly or between my legs helped and it actually hurts MORE than not using I don't use anything. And god help us all when I have to roll over due to the hip I'm laying on being in so much pain, or my arm/shoulder being numb from laying on it for so long, rolling over is so much more than just painful. I'm starting to wake up enough to try something that appears to maybe be helping a little bit. Sound confidant, don't I? I tried it twice and so far once it wasn't too bad. I have to grab my vagina with one hand, hold my thighs as hard together as I possibly can and then attempt to roll over without using any muscles below my boobs or above my toes. Seems impossible, right? I swear to you that in the next 10ish weeks I'll have a system down pat and I'll write a book for all the "large" pregnant chicks to let them know you CAN roll over in bed without screaming a little each time. But. It hurts. A lot.

Now on to another taboo subject. What the hell is up with the maniac growth of pubic hair? I swear I have more hair on those parts of my body than Mike does on his entire very hair man body. Ugh! I have resigned myself to using the electric shaver on my legs about once a week when I am on the potty, that's all I can manage I've asked Mike to take over the real razor and shaving cream duty, so as to not look too horrible this spring/summer. But do you think my ultra modest husband would flip out completely if I asked him to trim up the pubs? I got toilet paper tangled up in them for crying out loud! Since I can barely see "downstairs" in the full length mirror anymore I just can't keep up with it. If I do end up going swimming I'll have to wear shorts to hide the outrageous amounts of pubs that live on my bikini area. And what a joke that is! LOL I hope when I'm done housing this little man that the hair issues will calm themselves down. I'm not very happy about being more hairy than my man. LOL

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Friday, May 19, 2006

appt update

Just got back from the doctor’s not long ago…things are going very well still. I’m amazed that we are nearing 30 weeks!

I finally had a gain this appt, but I’m sure it was last night’s dinner instead of an actual gain! Micheal wanted to go out to celebrate his graduation so by the time Mike got done at work it was nearly 9 PM when we were eating! Three Margaritas, yummy! LOL

I never do remember to ask what my belly measures, but it’s definitely big! And the baby’s heart rate was good, sounded really good and very strong. He’s been very wiggly lately trying to find an inch of room in his cramped hotel.

I finally asked about the severe pelvic pain I’ve been having and as long as there are no contractions going on (which so far I don’t think there are) I’m to find a maternity support belt and use that. The really bad times for me are while I’m in bed. Turning over and just trying to get comfortable make me scream in pain. Poor Mike isn’t getting much sleep with all my restlessness, but I suppose that’s just practice for a few months from now! No wonder I keep falling asleep in the recliner in the afternoons!

I go back in 2 weeks for a non stress test, which I’ll do weekly until delivery, and see the OB afterward. So, next appt is June 2nd. We’re in the home stretch now, I am feeling so confidant that the baby will be very healthy, I just have to keep my body together until it’s time for him to arrive!

Oh…something fun we did recently! On Mother’s Day Mike and I went to Babies R Us and finally set up a baby registry! LOL I have 2 friends that are going to throw us a shower on July 8th and they, along with a ton of other people, have been after us to get a registry set up. If you’d like to see what we had fun choosing, and if you have any suggestions for things that are not on there (which could be because we already have a lot of things) go HERE:

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mom's are allowed to brag, right?

My first born is a high school graduate. LOL Ok, he has to go back and finish up his English classes, he's got 2 left but they are both about half finished, but today he got to take part in his graduation ceremony with 17 other friends. I loved his ceremony, it was so much better than I remember my own being. There is something to be said about a small close knit school.

Pictures are HERE!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

first showing!

Finally, after 8 days on the market, we had our first showing! LOL I probably won't get feedback until next Tuesday, our regular feedback meeting days with the Realtor, but I would LOVE to hear something. Good or bad. Any kind of feedback would be very helpful.

I ended up having to take the dog AND the cats to ballet today. LOL The cats did really well in the kennel for over 3 hours. Bella cried and cried while I was driving and Gus was his normal stoic self. In ballet, after they settled back down, not a peep the entire 1 1/2 hours we were there. Good kitties. I was worried about the 1200 mile drive they'll be making with us, but I think they'll do really well. Both of them ate, drank and pottied, and currently Bella is passed out on the kitty tower behind me. Not sure where Gus is, but I'm sure he's in the same passed out state. LOL

Tomorrow is graduation for the boy. I'm getting pretty excited, I went to the rehearsal today because I'm nosy and I wanted to know what was going to go on tomorrow. There are 17 seniors in his class! LOL It will be a nice ceremony and a nice day I'm sure.

Bark-bell is going off...have to check the door. LOL Bye!!!

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Monday, May 15, 2006

just stuff

Things are going mostly well here. The house has been on the market a week and we have not had one single showing. To say we're bummed is a MAJOR understatement. We won't give up until the fat lady sings though...there was a house in our neighborhood for sale since February and someone just moved in over the weekend. That was about 3 months...and we need to leave here in about 3 months, so we are still holding out hope. But damn...we have to SHOW it to SELL it, right??? Let's hope we get some interest and soon!

Other news, the boy gets to graduate with his class, even though he's not done with classes yet. He'll finish up in summer school, but the principal agrees with the mom and says IF he's close to having all but his English classes done, he can walk in the ceremony. I'll find out for sure the Senior Lunch that I get to attend. Big, fat, pregnant and hormonal...and my oldest is graduating. Yes I'll be taking the camera, and yes I'm sure I'll be bawling the entire week away. Wednesday is grad rehearsal and Thursday is graduation. Quick week.

I'm sick again. I swear I've done so well staying away from sick people but got blindsided when my SIL came to town last Tuesday. Caught a cold/sinus deal that has sapped ALL my energy, what little I did have that is, and left me with a nice raspy exhausting cough. I need to go back to the damn store for some Robitusin as I finished off what we did have at about 5AM today. Ugh. At least the nose issues are getting better, but I still feel like I'm drowning in snot and mucus. Yum.

I have an OB appt on Friday. Can you believe we are 29 weeks today? I'm floored. Not that I don't feel a bit more confidant that the baby will survive, I really do. I feel like he's very strong and healthy and IF something should happen to go wrong with my body and I go into labor or have to deliver him now, I feel very confidant that he's strong enough to survive. But, that said, I really want to keep him cooking at least another 6 weeks. 35 weeks was always my goal. I'd love to have him by 38 weeks, but that's just due to being impatient and not liking surprises! LOL I'd love to know the date he plans to arrive. Just like I'd love to know his name! LOL But that too will come. In time.

Last bit of big news on my mind and heart is my Dad. He was just diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. We think he's still in the earliest stages but don't know for sure. He did have a CT scan today to see what's what in his brain...not sure when or if he's had one in the past to compare it to, but it will tell the neurologist something. I'm gaining information on the disease and treatments as well as my sister, so that we are prepared to help Mom as much as we can. Mom, though, is in denial. She actually told me he's only got Dementia, which is part of Alzheimer's, but she's telling everyone else it is Alzheimer's. I think she's trying to protect me, being so far away and stressed with trying to sell the house and deal with life here, oh and have a baby, but my sister is keeping me in the loop. I'm worried about my parents and if we were in an ideal world I'd move in June right after Haley's ballet is over.

I think that's all. I know there is more, but I'm worn out. LOL

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Monday, May 08, 2006

busy busy day!

I'm tired and I still have hours of things to do!

Biggest news of the day:

Other big news, I scored a super nice high chair for a super price! I used to have one similar for the daycare, but what else is knew, I got rid of it! LOL Now I'll have the model I wanted but didn't buy and in a pattern I love more than my old one! Score! Another big baby day here...I got a huge box of clothes from a friend of mine, we are all set for newborn to 6 months size in clothes now! Actually I'm feeling very blessed as a couple of weeks ago a family at our church gave us a boppy pillow (again very similar to the one I had and sold! LOL) and a very nice exersaucer. Other than the pack n play bassinet and the baby bath tub, we are set on the big stuff. I think. LOL

I got my Rhogam shot today, man my butt burned for almost an hour! I'm not sure if it was because I had her do it in my hip that is super sore (she wanted me to stand in this really weird position so I opted for that hip to avoid standing with all my weight on was strange!) or what the difference was, but this shot stung like a bitch! LOL I've had 5 of them before so I thought I knew what I was getting into! LOL Guess everything is still a surprise for me, eh? LOL

Time for ballet so I better run. I'm shocked that I'm 28 weeks today. Not all that much longer!!!

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Saturday, May 06, 2006

it's a go...

the Realtor was here for over 2 hours today doing all the listing paperwork, taking measurements and pictures. We will be in the MLS on Monday! Finally! The work isn't all 100% done, but we are confident that the few minor things that need done can happen, it's the biggie - finishing the painting of the house and staining the deck - that HAVE to get finished like tomorrow.

If you know a rain, rain go away type song and dance, send it to CO, we need a really awesome DRY day tomorrow to bust out the painting. Please let that happen, it's pouring down right now! LOL

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