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Sunday, January 04, 2009


So, it's FREEZING today, eh? I'm ready for summer...and our family vacation! But I want some help with detail things.

1. rental vehicle - where's the best priced place in the Springs to rent a mini van or other similar sized vehicle for about 10 days?
2. dog sitting/boarding - which would be better for an 11 year old Chihuahua that hates everyone and everything and a puppy (she should be about 8 - 9 months old by the time we go on vacation) and what should I look for in a boarding kennel vs. someone to stay in our home. What's the going rate for either?
3. sites to see - we're going to end up in Indianapolis but can go many different routes to get there and get back home. What's a can't miss site (I know I want to hit the Arch and St. Louis Zoo for sure).

And what are you doing to stay warm today?

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Gosh this poor blog. Maybe if I gave it a facelift? I'm seriously addicted to Facebook this might just lay desperately neglected longer.

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