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Friday, January 26, 2007


Life is Crazy right now!

Last Wednesday morning we received an offer on our house...and we accepted it. Closing date was set for 13 days we started packing quickly. Well, other things were also very close to happening and I started to freak out just a little that if we waited until the weekend before closing to actually move all the big stuff that something would happen and we'd be, well, screwed. LOL So...we decided to go ahead and do the big move three days after accepting the offer! We're in the other house, trying to get settled in and put things away...yet we still have a few things at the other house. Today though, Mike is determined to get that all emptied out. I'll go over this weekend for a final walk through and we'll do some cleaning as well. Closing is Tuesday!!!

So the other thing that was very close to happening, finally happened. I got a call the Tuesday after we had accepted the offer on our house...Mike is finafreakingly hired on permanently! It's been a long 5 year mission, and now it's come to fruition. He won't start back until the middle of next week, which once again shows us that we're walking God's plan for our lives. If he had to go back before, he wouldn't be able to get to closing. :)

Zachary is 6 months old now. How on earth did that happen? I had planned to do a whole "you're six months old" type entry last week and even do a collage of birth to 6 months pictures but we had no Internet because of this:

that is our new back yard, and in the first picture, under roughly 6 feet of snow, was our cable/Internet box thingy that they needed to get us hooked up! Mike dug it out a few days after we were here so we could have a home phone again! LOL

So anyway..things are good but very busy. I'm hoping that once we're closed on the other house and Mike is back to full time work that my life can settle into a new pattern. That's what I'm shooting for anyway!

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

did you feel the earth move?

I swear by all that is good and holy, there was an earthquake in CO around 9:30 this morning!

scene at UPS:

grouchy general manager (ggm): All seasonal employees are NOT working today, you are all to go home.

unknowing seasonal employees: uh, ok. whatever.

my brilliant husband: yeah, like to see you make ME leave...I know what today is.

ggm takes supervisor aside for a brief meeting, supervisor comes out and says, "Mike, grab a board and take off on XXX's route".

all regular drivers and supervisors just standing around watching the scene unfold: Dude, are you working?

brilliant husband: yep!

"Awesome" "You're hired" "Woo Hoo" "Congratulations!!"

end scene!

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Saturday, January 06, 2007


Here's my Zachy boy having a blast:

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

it's 2007!

Hope everyone had a nice New Year's celebration! I was in bed sound asleep before midnight on NYE and actually awake at midnight new year's day...go figure!

In the last couple of weeks I realized I miss blogging like I used to do. Free thoughts, feelings or whatever just written down for me. For some reason I stopped feeling free to do that and now I hardly ever write anything. Mostly I feel like all I can do is whine and complain about my shitty life when in fact it's not shitty, it's just mundane and boring.

I need to make some more or some new mommy friends. I'm bored and lonely and tired of just spending all the live long day with my adorable but very demanding 5 1/2 month old cutie pie.

So...give me some tips on making new friends. I attend a MOPS groups (when it's not snowed out) and just found a new yahoo group of mom's that wear their babes in slings and such (they met once, haven't met since...hope that changes soon!) and I try to attend a Le Leche League meeting once a month. I still feel like I'm on the outside of that group, but they are very nice ladies and the kids are pretty close in age (all of course older than Zachary but whatever). What else can I do to find a few like minded mom friends?

I'm about to bitch and moan loudly about UPS and the state of our ignore if you want.

Dear UPS, you SUCK. Major suckage. My husband works his ass off for you all season long, for 9 long sucky seasons now, and you STILL can't hire him permanently? He's really thinking now that you have given us health benefits (what the hell dude, no seasonal gets benefits) and have him working the week after New Years that he's got a permanent job. I, on the other hand, am positive that you are, once again, dicking us around. I bet you found some minor little loophole in the Union rules that since you lost all that time right before Christmas due to the TWO freaking snow storms that you can use him this week and toss him aside until May again. Well...let me tell you something, if my freaking house would ever sell, my family is outta here and headed south for warmer weather. I am sick to freaking death of him working 59 hour weeks all season long and then when the magical day arrives you just toss him aside with the rest of the garbage. He's a super hard working devoted employee and family man...he should have been given the permanent job YEARS ago.

Assholes...please get your shit together and for the love of all that is sane stop fucking around with my family's future. Either you want him to be a UPSer or you don't...either way, get it straight once and for all THIS WEEK.

ok, I'm done.

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