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whiny baby tales

The Mommy is bored...the kids are bored...the Daddy works too much. What's a family to do???

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

no one told me

that I live in hell. We are getting yet another freaking snow storm! Over the next 2 DAYS we're expecting at least another foot of snow here.

Can it just STOP already?????


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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

quickly, as he swings himself to sleep...

This will be quick I'm sure, baby boy has been napping since we got home from my post op visit at 3 and it's nearly 6 now...I got him into the swing about 10 minutes ago...the entire nap was in my arms!

We had an awesome Christmas this year. I'm so not into the commercialism aspect, and I do appreciate the Christian aspect of the reason for the season etc, our holiday was awesome simply because it was our little family with just enough other family members/visiting to make it even better.

I think I scored a couple of "mom of the year" points by surprising both kids with an MP3 player. It's not the biggest, fanciest thing, but it's what at least one of the kids asked for and it is nice. My favorite part was the total surprise factor. I told Haley early on in December when she asked for that or an iPod that I had no clue what they were but I was sure they were too much money. My sister filled me in on what they were and helped me find really nice ones at a great price online. So, surprise kiddos!

Zachary seemed to understand that yesterday was a special day too. He was not totally happy about big sister waking him up early (she got us up at 7:15 this year...improvement!) but he was really enjoying a couple of his gifts. Best gift yet is the Fisher Price gum ball machine with the roll arounds balls. He loves this thing, and after about 15 minutes of showing him how to push the lever down to get the music to turn on and ball to drop down...he got it!

Mike got me the one and only thing I have said in the past six months or so that I need/want...a new broom. LOL He felt so bad but seriously, that is what I needed. I drove over the handle of my other broom a while ago, and even with him putting a new handle on it (that was too short) I kept saying one day I'm going to buy a new broom. LOL Gotta love that he did it for me :)

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

things of interest

I am BORED. Recovering from surgery is really not fun. Luckily for me the baby is adjusting well to having someone other than Mommy hold him and carry him around 24/7. I can hold him all I want, as long as I'm sitting down and he's not kicking my poor bruised and sore belly.

My daddy had surgery on Tuesday and he's not bouncing back as quickly as I am...but then again he had an 8 hour back surgery whereas I had a 30 minute gall bladder surgery. Big difference! He was on the breathing tube for 4 days but is off now. He's still groggy and sleepy so it's hard to tell how the anesthesia has affected the Alzheimer's. I'm still very worried about him, but hopefully my sister is not leading me to a false hope...understandalbe why, I would love nothing more than to jump in the car and drive down to TX, but realistically I can't do it. I can't lift more than 10 pounds still and I do still need my heavy drugs during the day and at I'm in no shape to make the 1200 mile drive right now. But damn...I want to be with my parents right now.

I'm so bored. I want some company! My kids are being very helpful with Zachary, but as far as playing games with the Mom they'd really rather not. I guess I'll snuggle the sleepy boy and see if I can get him to nap!


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Thursday, December 07, 2006

doing something wrong?

The boy does not sleep. He's clearly exhausted...he's well fed, clean diapered and totally loved. But yet he refuses to drift off to dreamland. Ever.

The boy does not play alone. He'll play on the floor mat if we're right there to talk to him. He'll play in the bouncy chair if we're right there making him giggle. He'll swing, for a few minutes. He'll sit in the exersaucer for a very few minutes. About the only places he will actually play is on the changing table (we have toys hung above it for him) and in the high chair (he has a small toy to play with before/after meals or "whenever Mommy's arms need him to be somewhere else while she's cooking dinner" just for the high chair).

So, what am I doing wrong? Is he "that" high needs of a baby he can't do anything without physical touch? Case in point, he was sleeping so I put him in the swing...woke up in 2 1/2 seconds but stayed there for nearly 4 minutes. Held him, rocked him, told him I love him a million more times, and then put him in the bouncy chair...I only have 15 more Christmas cards to get done!!! But he's crying his little eyes out and SO upset that I won't hold him.

Any ideas on a high needs baby? I know he's tired. I started keeping track of his sleeping habits. During the day, he takes 3 naps. Each nap is 20 minutes maximum, unless I'm doing something like driving around in the car and then it's maybe 45 minutes. He's done with dinner and ready for a bath by 5:30 PM. And seriously ready for bed by 6 PM at the latest anymore. Used to be 7. But can I nurse him to sleep and put him to bed? No way! If I do that he's upset and screaming in 3 minutes again. I've tried letting him sleep in the bed (we co-sleep every night) by himself, with my night shirt nearby. No dice. If I don't hold him, he does not sleep. Ever.

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