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I'm just me: wife to Mike for 9 years, mom to three great kids I can hug and kiss every day and one babe I can't wait to hold in my arms again one day soon. I'm always looking to improve my faith life and be a better wife and mother.


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The Mommy is bored...the kids are bored...the Daddy works too much. What's a family to do???

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Saturday, September 30, 2006

starting over, again and again

Today is a brand new day, I am ready to start anew. Be patient as I am not very good at this giving it all to God stuff, but I'm here and I'm ready to start.

I'm proud to be married to Mike for just over 7 years now. Things aren't always perfect, but it is our life and we still start and end each day with I Love You. Keeping God central in our marriage is essential.

I'm very blessed to have 3 living children. My first born son is 18, still living at home, still not that bad of a person somehow with all my unchurched influence in his life. I'm proud of him, even when he won't get off his butt, or his computer!

My only daughter will be 13 very soon. She drives me totally nuts but I love her more for it. Ballet and school are her life...she's loving the "social" life she's got going on in 7th grade. Ha Ha. I do hope I survive her real teen years as the past 3 years leading up to them have really been interesting.

In 2004 we were very blessed to have Matthew in the womb for 19 weeks and 6 days. We have no idea when he died, somewhere in the 19th week though. And we have no idea why. I used to always say that one day I'll march up to the throne of God and demand answers as to why he lets unborn babies die. Now I know that it is all in His great plan, and it's not for us to or ever. I do know, and hold very dear in my heart, that Matthew lived each and every day of his entire life here on earth that he was meant to live. And he changed my life in ways I can only now, 2 1/2 years later, start to comprehend.

And our latest blessing, baby Zachy. After parenting teens it's quite the wild ride to have a newborn again, but we are all adjusting well. From an emotionally and physically painful pregnancy to the fastest birth in my history (all 18 minutes of it) to a fractured arm finally being found at 13 days old and all the way through colic, we have loved every second of this little boys life. God has really shown me what I have always been called for in being a wife and a mother. Now I can only pray that I stay open for the entire lesson and eventually catch on to it.

We are still unsure about our future plans as far as employment and housing are concerned, but we will pray that it is revealed to us soon. Living on the fence isn't comfortable, but God isn't looking to make us comfortable when he's trying to change our worlds for His will. Pray along with us, ok?

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

2 month check up

Little boy is going to have to change his nick name very soon. At 2 months he weighs 14 pounds 5 ounces and measures 24 inches long! His head is 41 cm (or 16.141732283464566 inches LOL) around. My little boy is not so little, is he?

He got 4 shots that day as well, and they were no fun for the rest of us that night. Almost made me wish it was just the colic again! Speaking of colic, it's getting better. A lot of nights of no screaming, some of just an hour. I can handle that! the doctor mentioned that she can see FOUR teeth coming in, the two front on the top and bottom. I said his front teeth have always looked like they were there since he was born, but the bottom ones are new in the last week. His gums are swollen and he's been drooling a lot. Nights are terrible with the teething pain!

Someone forgot to tell my boy he is only 2 months old, too young for teeth! LOL

He's doing great, growing well and still nursing like a champ. I'm about to switch his diaper size, he's in a 1-2 currently and they are almost too small around. I'm not sure if a 2 would be good or go ahead to the 3's. If I buy 2's, I'm getting a small bag :)

I noticed he's getting too long in the arms and legs for his 3 - 6 month clothes already. I just got them out a couple of weeks ago! LOL I need to go through and get all his overalls out of his drawer, they are definitely too small. Some of his long sleeve onesie shirts are getting to short too. This boy is going to wake up one day next week and be ready for kindergarten!

Mike is still working on my mom's house, it's really coming along well. I need to go to Home Depot and leave a serious amount of her money behind. LOL After we buy the faucets and fixtures and paint I am pretty sure we only need to get the flooring...but I could be wrong. There is a lot to do in a decent remodel job, ya know?

Speaking of lots to do, I need to run...we're meeting a carpet cleaning specialist tonight to black light my mom's house to get rid of the cat urine odor once and for all!

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

worth the wait

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Friday, September 15, 2006

8 weeks

Lilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

Again, how did he get to be this old?????

We're doing well, busy working on my mom's house so she can sell it. Do you watch Flip That House or any of the shows similar to that? My mom's house is an AWESOME flip house...but she's not wanting to flip it, just repair and sell. Too bad, Mike and I have been having fun dreaming of the things we could do to make it better! LOL

Not much else going on. We joined MOPS and had our first one (is it a class???) yesterday. I think we'll like it. I only know 4 people there even though it's at my church! LOL I'm looking forward to making a few more mommy friends.

I'm going to end this, who knows when I'll feel like ever writing again! Here's a quick snippet of Zach-facts:

he has been rolling over from his belly to his back unofficially since he was 5 days old but he does it almost all the time now, makes tummy time difficult!

he started smiling at us, interacting with us talking to him, just this past week. First is was all about his Daddy, but he finally gave it up and smiled the biggest gummiest smile right at my face yesterday. He used to stare at me, turn away and then smile...little stinker!

I think he's going to weigh in at about 14 pounds when he goes to the doctor next week. I have a HUGE baby. He's officially in 3-6 month clothes, and almost up to a size 3 diaper.

the colic is getting better. We have had a few nights of no crying at all (other than hungry or dirty diapers) and even a ton of nights of just 1/2 an hour of the screaming! That's progress in my book.

we're considering starting on a sibling soon. We'll see. LOL

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