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whiny baby tales

The Mommy is bored...the kids are bored...the Daddy works too much. What's a family to do???

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

when I'm bored...

I start thinking of things that sound like fun to me! Here's a few of those things:

^ a photo entry of the front of my house, my back yard, Zachary's play area/bedroom, my laundry room, my kitchen and I'm sure others

^ a Top Ten list of Zachary's favorite or not so favorite things, like foods, sleeping, clothing, toys and places to go

^ a recipe swap, including pictures of the cooked meal

I'm sure there are other, more interesting things to do in life...but does anyone ever read this boring blog and does anyone want to play along?????

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Monday, May 28, 2007's going

Not the best by any means though. His first night and first daytime nap were awesome...since then we're just getting by.

Second nap was probably 1 1/2 hours, so still a good one. I had hoped with him being so well rested from those naps that he'd sleep well that night. He did ok, but certainly not 6 hours. He woke up around 11, I brought him downstairs to nurse (we were watching a movie and it was almost over) then put him back in the crib at 11:30. He cried some but fell back to sleep. Mike and I went to bed at midnight and our whispering voices seemed to disturb him so Mike hooked up another speaker to our stereo and stuck it in his room. He was sleeping, but not well. He woke up at about 2 I think, slept in our bed until 4:30 and then slept in the crib again until 7. I was pretty tired though.

Naps yesterday pretty much didn't happen. We went to Mike's Dad's house so he slept some in the car on the way there, then slept about 1/2 an hour while I went to pick Haley up from ballet (Micheal came along so I didn't have to get him out of the car and wake him up!) and then stayed awake for another 2 hours at Mike's Dad's house...another 2 hours driving to and from and attending church...and then another 2 hours at home. The boy was EXHAUSTED, but stayed up until 10 PM. He slept in the crib about 3 1/2 hours...slept in our bed 4 hours but was tossing and turning and nursing a ton instead of really sleeping. Then I got tired of his antics and put him in the crib. He has been awake since 5:30 this morning. UGH! I had a ton of grocery shopping to do, he slept in the car for maybe 15 minutes, and he fought going to sleep in the crib just now. But, about 1/2 an hour later, all is quiet in Zachary-ville! I hope he sleep a couple of hours to recharge his little tired self.

What's keeping him so busy that he won't sleep you might wonder? He's got 2 of his cousin's here to play for the long weekend! And this afternoon, if it all works out, he'll have 2 more come over and play too! I do hope he will get back to sleeping better once we're back in a routine again.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

sleep training?

Three days ago I hit rock bottom with Zachary. I have not slept more than 10 minutes in a row for about a year...sometime around 34 weeks in my pregnancy I couldn't sleep anymore. I am TIRED.

So...three days ago I put his crib together and put him in it wide awake to see if he'd sit down and check it out or stand there and scream blue bloody murder. Screaming won.

Two nights ago after nursing and tossing and turning and me getting mad at all the hair pulling and poking and kicking going on, he got "put" into the crib. Not all sweet and nice like I wanted but damn...I'm exhausted and was TIRED of the baby. He screamed blue bloody murder for a LONG time. I finally got him up about 20 minutes later, nursed him to sleep in our bed and fell asleep for a couple of hours. But when he woke up again, instead of just nursing back to sleep he started all the kicking and messing around again. So I picked him up and plopped him in his bed. A bit nicer but still not all sweet and loving like I wanted to do. I don't remember giving him a kiss and saying good night at all. He cried, but didn't scream. And after about an hour I got him back up and nursed him to sleep in our bed.

Last night, after his bath we nursed on the big bed until he was drowsy. Then I told him it was time to go night night in his bed. I hugged him and kissed him and told him I loved him and to have sweet dreams. I put him in his bed, on his belly at his direction, and covered him up with his blanket. He cried a little, fussed more than cried really. And he slept SIX hours. Zachary has NEVER slept that long in all of his little life!!!! I, on the other hand, did not. LOL I slept maybe 2 hours. When he woke up and cried out a bit I brought him to our bed to nurse and we both fell asleep for another 3 hours. I feel so very well rested it's not even funny!

Today...after such a great night...I thought I'd try nap time. He played with Daddy, ate some breakfast, swung outside on the swing, and has been having a ton of fun. Then he was getting we nursed in the recliner and I carried him up to his room. I told him I loved him, kissed him and laid him down. He fussed, literally six seconds worth, cried out 2 times, and has been blissfully quiet ever since. ~~~***~~~
ETA: he napped for THREE hours!!!!!

I's about time, right? He's 10 months 1 week old! But it's been so hard for me to let him cry about much of anything that the first few times of screaming bloody murder about set me over the edge. I will keep going...he will nap in his crib and he will start every night out in there as well. I am not hoping for him to sleep all night...but if he can sleep a 6 hour stretch then be in bed with me...and I can get over the mommy guilt of putting him in the crib to begin with...then I can sleep at least that long too.

And life will be all sunshine and roses once again, when the Mommy gets some sleep and doesn't feel so foggy headed all the live long day.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

poor neglected blog

I never post anymore. I'm having way too much fun in our new house with our growing way too fast for Mama big boy!

Picture entry, ok?

Zachary testing his new skills on stairs!

And here he is in the rocking chair my mom had made for "all" her grandkids (but has solely lived in my house and therefore is my kids' rocking chair! LOL

This next set of pictures is from about 3.2 seconds time. He's found his mobility and there is pretty much no stopping him now. I still can't believe he will be 10 months old tomorrow!

I am really enjoying our new's very comfortable and very homey. We'll stay here for a year, maybe 2 at the most, before we buy another house of our very own...which we are both very excited about already. I do know that the part of town we are living in right now is the part of town we'll buy a house's the perfect part of town for everything we do. About 3 miles gets us to Mike's job, Haley's current school and about 2 miles gets us to church. Even closer is all kinds of shopping and restaurants and everything our little hearts desire! LOL I really love it here.

Micheal is driving home from his very first work trip. He had a LAN managers meeting with most of the entire company and was way too excited for his own good! LOL He got to rent a car, drive to NM, stay in a hotel, and hang out with 10 of his newest "real life" friends! I talked to him this morning as he was headed out of town for home, he's really had a great time. I hope he learned a lot, made some great friendships and is ready to start his life as an "adult". As his mom I'm not sure I'm ready for that!

Haley gets out of school in 3 more (school) days. Thank GOD. She's doing pretty good academically, but she's got a PE teacher from HELL. I can not wait to get her out of that woman's class! Then to get Haley in Physical Therapy for her pelvic issues (she's tilted!) and get the PT to document exactly what Haley can and can not do in PE next year. Whew. Her other fun thing, it's the last 3 weeks before the ballet recital...she's got practice 4 days next week, 5 days the week after that and then all 6 days the week of the recital. I'm going to be exhausted! LOL

Mike is still trotting along at UPS. I love how dedicated he is to our family to put up with so much at work. He works a minimum of 50 hours a week, and it's not the "busy" time yet. Ugh. UPS should be getting a few seasonal drivers hired on soon, so maybe Mike can work less than 60 hours all summer. We'll see. We would love to do a few fun family things this summer on the weekends...just to play and have a good time is so good for us all. Mike needs it, he's a workaholic by birth. Zachary has become such a daddy's boy, he even gets up an hour earlier than he used to just to spend time in the mornings with his Daddy. I'm going to be taking advantage of that daddy love soon, I need another pedicure! LOL

I guess I should be going, I need a shower if we're going to meet up with Daddy for lunch!

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

9 month check up!

Zachary is 9 ½ months now and had his 9 month check up yesterday as well as his first eye exam!

He weighs 24 pounds 9.5 ounces and is 30 inches tall now…still in the upper 90th percentile! He has his 2 bottom teeth and so far no others in sight. Zachary LOVES to talk to everyone he comes across, he can say “HI!” and has the biggest cheesy smile to go along with that little word! He babbles a lot of ba ba ba’s and da da da’s and even some ma ma ma’s but no official dada and mama yet. His smile lights up the world, and he’s got the most outgoing personality of any of my children as babies.

Zachary knows how to crawl and scoot along on his bottom to get into and where he wants to be….but he doesn’t venture very far from his circle around mama’s feet! Let’s hope that stays true as he becomes a toddler! He is pulling himself up and cruising along everything he can find and I think he’ll be walking real soon. Maybe not by a year, but shortly there after! If he stays true to his norm, he’ll take 2 steps and then take off running!

The eye exam was interesting…when Mike was diagnosed with Glaucoma last October that eye doctor told us about a free exam for babies under age 1 called an InfantSEE exam. I googled and found So yesterday Zachary had his first eye exam…and he’s got astigmatism! He didn’t cooperate very well but apparently they eye doctor saw enough to know that. He said Zachary’s eyes look healthy and to bring him back in 1 ½ to 2 years for his next exam. Let’s hope his eyesight doesn’t get anywhere near as bad as mine!

That’s about it for my big guy. Oh, we did ask the pediatrician about the fact that Zachary’s feet can touch the back of the seat from his big boy car seat as a friend of mine told me that is actually very dangerous for babies in a crash. The doctor told me he could break his leg or hip in a crash if he were to brace his legs out straight during the crash and recommended we turn him around soon. He’s nearly 25 pounds and has very solid control if his neck and back. I am not sure I’m ready for that…but then again I want to keep him safe!

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