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Monday, July 31, 2006


I hate being surprised, there's almost nothing good that can come of it. I don't like being put on the spot, feeling like the center of attention, any of that.

Guess what the brat of a sister of mine did? She planned a surprise baby shower for Mike, Zachary and I.

And I lived.

And I loved it! LOL

Apparently this was a spur of the moment shower, but to me it was awesome. Got to see friends and family that I had been missing (can you believe that our first week home NO ONE came to visit us at home???? All those visitors in the hospital, not one the first week at home. LOL) And Zachary is SO very loved by everyone, he got so many wonderful presents. I feel so very blessed.

Zachary's baptism is Sunday and we're having a HUGE party afterward. His Godmother is going crazy in a good way planning the food and cake, and I'm being very nice and letting her! LOL I will go pick up the plates, napkins and a couple of table clothes this week...but she's doing everything else. I'm glad too as I get worn out pretty quickly still by mid day. Having my sister here hasn't helped, I don't take the time to get a short nap in at by bedtime I'm wiped out. Good thing Zachy is a decent night sleeper, or I'd be wiped for sure.

Shoot, he's an awesome baby all around, it's not a surprise he sleeps well at night!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

first doctor visit

Had our first pediatrician appt yesterday, she wanted to check him out herself since he saw the on call Ped at the hospital.

Birth stats: weight 8 pounds 4 ounces, 20 inches long, head 14.25 inches. Five days old stats: weight 7 pounds 11 ounces, 21 inches long, head 14.25 inches. We talked about how big he could have been had we not induced, she said easily 10 ½ pounds! LOL I am SO glad we induced!

His arm is getting better slowly. Not sure I shared this yet, at birth everything was fine, but because I was GBS positive and didn't have time to get much of the antibiotics in before delivery the nursery nurses had to draw blood for cultures. Poor Zachary got my veins, although you can see them, there’s not much hope at ever finding them with a needle. Poor baby. Anyway, Mike was with him while they did his bath and all that in the nursery and told me that they used tourniquets on his upper and lower arms trying to find a vein to draw from…well it seems that they were a bit to aggressive on his left arm and he’s got a bit of damage and a lot of pain in trying to use that arm. His Ped is hopeful that he’ll regain full use of it, he’s already making great progress. We are to massage it as he’ll allow, keep it free for him to use as much as he will, and have him grasp our fingers often to regain the strength he’s lost in his hand. He’s doing well at moving it except from the shoulder (like if you were to flap it like a wing…that hurts still). If he’s still in pain and not using it by his next appt, I’ll be asking for a referral to a pediatric orthopedist and checking into physical therapy as well. I’m a wee bit pissed at the hospital, I understand they had to draw his blood and he’s a hard stick, but damn. He was an HOUR old. I’m really praying he’s not going to have long term issues with his arm from this.

Other than that, life with Zachy is going well. His jaundice is improving, he’s been on the Bili blanket for 3 days now, his highest level came back at 16.7 (on Sunday) and tomorrow we’ll possibly do his last check. Hoping the Bili blanket is gone by the weekend! It’s not that hard to use but it’s just going to be so nice to snuggle a baby that isn’t plugged into the wall again!

We gave him a bath last night, he was fussy in the evening probably from the long doctor appt, the Bili check and the heat. Anyway…we found out that this boy LOVES to have his head rubbed and washed! LOL Nice to know what will calm him down in an instant! He is sleeping pretty well at night, has about an hour of fussy time around 2 AM, falls back to sleep around 3 or so, then sleeps until after 6 AM. Diaper change and feeds then and sleeps until nearly 8. I can live with that! Right now I’m not going to bed until after midnight, but I’m not exhausted either. Life is just good!

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Zachy is born, or how I shot a torpedo out of my girly parts!

I never did write up Zachary's birth story. It's more comical than I think I'll highlight it now while he's sleeping!

We were scheduled to be induced on Wednesday July 19th, told to arrive at the birth center at 6:30 AM. I was having contractions, in my mind it was just like the last 2 weeks worth of them...sure they're coming in a nice pattern (I stopped timing contractions 10 days before! LOL) and were strong enough that I needed to think about my breathing, but come on. Prelabor drama made me know these were going to poop out too. LOL We got taken back to our room and the nurse began to get things my vitals, hooked me up to the monitor (had to have a 20 minute baseline before starting Pitocin), just chatted with Mike and I until it was time to get the ball rolling. My doc stopped in just before 7 AM, she had surgery at 7 and would be back in around 8 to check me and go from there. We got the Pitocin started around 7:30 I think, started the antibiotics as well. The nurse and I talked about the dose of Pitocin I'd be getting...when I was having Haley the doctor wanted the drip turned from all the way on to all the way off a lot...and I hated that, not to mention it's dangerous. My doc now is very conservative...I was started out on 2 micro grams per hour (I think that's the right measurement! LOL) and would be increased by 2 every 20 minutes. Nice and slow...not in a hurry for anything big to happen. We all thought the baby would be here around noon.

My doc came back in to check me at 8:15. I was almost 4 CM and 70% effaced, contracting every 3 minutes lasting 60 seconds. I was watching the contraction measures the intensity of the contractions strength by marks of 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100. Most of my contractions at this time were in the 30 range. The doc broke my water at 8:18 AM and we just settled in to see what would happen next.

About 15 minutes later I told Mike I HAD to get out of the bed, the contractions picked up very quickly...they were about 2 minutes apart but now they were hurting enough that I had to really breath and concentrate through them. I got up to use the bathroom and asked for a birth ball to sit on, I just couldn't sit on the bed anymore! Had a tiny bit of bloody show in the bathroom, nothing big but it was there. The nurse was having a hard time finding a birth ball (we were told to just use the hospital's instead of bringing our own...might rethink that if we ever have another baby! LOL) but she finally brought one in. Sat on it and leaned forward on the bed...and basically all hell broke loose. When I got up to use the bathroom the nurse said let me know if you have any rectal pressure, and told us a story of a delivery she had where the baby was born in the bathroom. We laughed, it's been less than half an hour after I was checked and had my water broken, things are just now starting to get going for real...there's no way I'll be having the baby in the bathroom! LOL

Ok, so not the bathroom, but on the birth ball almost! LOL I told Mike, she needs to come back in here, I'm having some he used the call button. That must have been the cue to get things hopping as all of a sudden I was in extreme pain, the pressure was now making me bear down, and all these wild noises started to come out of ME! LOL Mike was about to freak out, but the nurse got in the room quickly. She decided to reposition the baby's monitor (leaning on the bed I knocked it off) and wanted to get me back into the bed. I could NOT move. At all. She checked me while I was sitting on the birth ball as I must have sounded like birth was imminent. LOL Well, thinking it's been less than half an hour since I was almost at 4 CM, she was STUNNED to find the baby's head RIGHT THERE! The only people in my room at that moment was me, Mike and this one nurse, who now has her hand firmly up my goodies to keep the baby from coming out! She got down to business, had Mike press the call button so she could get the doctor in the room NOW, and had Mike get the delivery table and everything else out of the closet. She later told Mike how awesome it was that he was together enough during that time to help her out...otherwise Zachary would have been born with no supplies out! Mike works VERY well under pressure. Give him a job to do and he's good. Somehow Mike and the nurse got me back into the bed, my doctor arrived and the next thing I know she said ok push. I gave it a good go and out popped a head...and a hand...and some umbilical cord! LOL She suctioned the baby for a second, made sure the cord wasn't wrapped around his neck (it wasn't, it was just right there by his head) and said push him out. I might have pushed once, but more likely it seems that my body just shot him out. LOL The strangest sound in the world is hearing he's out followed by a FLOOD of splashing water. LOL My doctor had her scrub gown on, but nothing on her head...she didn't have time to get all dressed and ready for the birth. She ended up with amniotic fluid on her shoulders...and I really wouldn't be surprised if she had some in her hair! LOL

Mike went to the warming table with the nursery nurse to clean up the baby, he was put on my chest for a bit as well. Zachary was completely covered in vernix still...he was pure cheesy white! LOL I remember telling him for the most gorgeous baby he was sure gross! I had a small 1st degree tear that my doctor decided to stitch up and the nurse with me decided to look at the computer record of the delivery/birth. The computer noted active labor began at 8:41 AM, Zachary's time of birth is 8:59 AM. He was born in 18 minutes! All told, my "labor" was 41 minutes long.

I know I left some details out, like when I asked for drugs but couldn't make up my mind how quickly I wanted them. And the nurse saying she'd be back in the room in 1/2 an hour...I can't remember where every detail fits in but both Mike and I knew she wouldn't be gone for 1/2 an hour! LOL I have to say that other than being very intense and very fast, this was probably my favorite delivery. It was very overwhelming to progress so fast, the contractions peaked in the 80 to 90 range in the end, but the up side is it was over quickly. BabeDoc joked with us the next day, if we do this again we'll definitely induce, probably sooner than 38 weeks! LOL

I keep thinking about all my deliveries. Micheal's labor, from first noticeable contraction to birth, was 5 hours. Haley's water broke at night, so I was stared on Pitocin the next morning. Her labor was 6 1/2 hours long. Matthew's delivery was 3 hours...Zachary had to beat them all with his 18 minutes! LOL

Have to go...the baby is awake!

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

newborn fun

Life with Zach is very fun. He's such a great baby. He nurses very well, he sleeps very well, he rarely cries.

Well, that was, until today. His jaundice got worse, and tonight he becomes "glow baby" Zachy.

I know it's all normal and we're quite lucky that he's home and not in the hospital, but damn. The lack of information just really got the best of me and I started crying while trying to get more information from the on call nurse. I handed Mike the phone so he could try to get some kind of information so that we don't hurt Zachary by our lack of knowledge of this Bili blanket thing. Ugh.

After talking to both the on call nurse and the home medical company trying to get all the information we wanted so we'd feel comfortable with treating Zachary at home, I had Mike call my SIL, who used to work for this home medical company a long time ago. I remembered her saying she used to set the Bili beds up all the I figured, if she remembers from all those years ago, she would be a good source of information. Turns out she was very helpful (Mike talked to her while I was feeding the baby and still steaming over the nurses lack of care if we were able to hold our 3 day old baby or not while he's doing all this light therapy). I think it's official, I'm exhausted and hormones are still out of whack. Oh well.

At first Zachary was really fidgety, his version of showing he's not happy with what's going on in his life. My SIL assured us that he'd be ok laying on his side on that hamburger flipper looking paddle thing, and since I rolled him just a tad onto his side, he's MUCH more content. Actually sound asleep now for just over an hour. I'm sure he'll be awake in the next 30 to 45 minutes, diaper change time and time to eat. He's such a great baby.

Tomorrow we go to the hospital for another Bili level check, hopefully we'll see some improvement. His level on Thursday night was 10, and today was 16. That's a pretty big jump for 2 days time. SIL said his level may go up overnight, so we're keeping that in mind as well. I guess I won't be going to church tomorrow night after all...bummer. But I want my boy to get over all these little things...his bruised face, his sore arm, his circumcision, and now the jaundice. Poor guy, life sure is hard outside the womb! LOL

Thanks for all the wonderful comments and emails...sorry I'm not answering any emails right now! LOL I'm sure you all understand though...he's only this little for a short amount of time!

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Friday, July 21, 2006

My boy...

is here!

Zachary was born Wednesday July 19th at 8:59 AM. He weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces and was 20 inches long.

We were induced as planned, but that's about all that worked out "according to plan"! LOL BabeDoc broke my water at 8:18 AM, I was almost 4 CM and about 70% effaced at that time. Next labor milestone came at 8:41 AM, the nurse noted in my labor chart that I began "active labor" at that time. Well, 18 minutes later, with only one real push, here comes Zachary! LOL Talk about a fast delivery...but only one small 1st degree tear and he had apgars of 8 and 9.

Since I had tested positive for GBS and didn't get much of the antibiotics in before delivery he had to be watched and have a ton of blood drawn and tested. Well, from what Mike saw at his nursery bath and what's been happening since then, when the nurse was trying to use a tourniquet to find a vein in his left arm, he now has a huge bruise on his upper arm and won't move it much at all. He cries and SCREAMS in pain if we move it too much. It's so sad. The hospital did take x-rays to make sure there wasn't a fracture from his super quick entrance into the world, and the x-ray looked clear...but there is something going on with his arm. He's got an appt with the Ped on Monday afternoon, so we'll keep a close eye on his little arm.

Also since he was born so fast his whole head was one huge purple bruise. It's getting better every day, so I'm sure a few more days and he'll be his beautiful self again. Life's been pretty darn tough to be a Zachy though, I tell ya! Today we're watching the jaundice, his level before leaving the hospital was 10 last night...I'll keep an eye one him, nurse him a ton and get him in the sun (if it would shine again! LOL) as much as possible to keep him cleared out.

Ok, babe's hungry...gotta run. LOL

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Happy Birthday to me...

I don't think I'm going to call this one a happy one. I'm all kinds of depressed right now. So many contractions over the past 13 days and I seriously wonder if this baby will EVER be born, let alone tomorrow. Once you start to dilate and efface, can you go backwards? LOL

I had 5 seriously nice contractions between 11 and 12, then my typical, keep me from getting any real sleep 1 to 2 contractions every hour after midnight. Got up every hour to pee, and from 4 AM on I never did fall back to sleep. Is this what Zach's schedule will be like? If so, after nearly 2 weeks of this non sleep stuff, I'm tired but functioning. LOL

I'm so impatient. Tomorrow can NOT get here soon enough. Mike and I have been making silly bets and guesses on what will happen tomorrow, but at this point I'm wondering if my doc will laugh at me, tell me to go home and stay pregnant another month. Ugh. I hate hormones.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

hee hee hoo - updated

I was SO hopeful just a few short hours I'm bummed! LOL

Woke up early today, got a little lovin' in with the hubs before he had to go to work. About 8:15 I started to notice some pretty decent, have to breathe through them, contractions. Waited until about 9 to time them...5 to 8 minutes apart and lasting about a minute! Yippee!!! This went on until 11ish, I went to a Le Leche League meeting and had about 5 contractions in that hour. Since I've been home...I've had 2 contractions.

I have an OB appt in 1/2 an hour...hopefully being checked will get things going again! If not, I called Mike just before 10 AM to make sure he was in town (and he wouldn't have been, he was headed up into the mountains where he has no cell phone signal and even littler amount of message service with work!) and told him to get a closer route for the day. Thankfully UPS was nice and did get him back in town right away, but if I'm not really in labor they're not going to be very happy with me! LOL

Oh will be soon. It has to be, right?


Heh, I'm still here! Contractions pretty much stopped until a little bit ago, they're not real regular yet and really not even painful. BabeDoc said I'm 3 CM and 50% still but super soft, basically I could go at any time.

We have a plan though! And we all know when you make plans babies come on their terms, right? If I don't have him before the weekend I am scheduled to be induced Wednesday morning! We have a date and time!!! It's so nice to know that even though I'm feeling like labor is near and it seems it's not doing much at all, the end IS in sight. update should be baby time. Not sure when that will be, I know I'll be in the hospital for 2 days but not sure if that includes his day of birth or if it starts the next day. That's one of my many questions that I'll be asking BabeDoc before Wednesday!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

we now have a bed...

I think we are all set for Zachary's arrival! I got the pack n play bassinet today, as well as a couple of sheets and light blankets, the changing pad and cover, the bath sling thingy and some towels, a small diaper bag and I think that's it. LOL

Now all we need is a baby. The sooner the better, I think. But by the 20th would be fine too!

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

nine more days?

I wonder if it will only be in nine more days? Remember that last post...I mistakenly told Zachary to either "step it up" or "knock it off". Yeah, well. He chose the latter. LOL

Not one single complaint as I know this is short lived, but the past 2 nights I've slept in 4 hour chunks of time. I only wake up because I swear to all that is holy my bladder is about to explode. LOL I am sleeping SO well, labor should be moments away. Well rested, able to handle it all, right?

I read the most beautiful home birth story the other day...I'm not sure I'll end up linking to that blog or not...and I'm not throwing a pity party about having another hospital birth, even though my ideal birth would be in the water. The part I loved about this birth story was the husband's involvement. I would love for Mike to read this story but I'm not sure he'd get from it what I am looking for in him...the unending support...the "we" can do this together mentality.

Don't read more into this and think that I feel like Mike isn't going to do his absolute best. I know he is, just by how he has been with these past 5 days of never ending early labor. It's more that, until I read someone else's words, I didn't know how to tell Mike what I think I want in support from him. Part of me feels like this should be a reasonably quick delivery...I'm making great progress so far, right? I've had 2 babies born from first contraction to delivery in a very short time. But then again, I had one baby born in a LONG LONG LONG time. I really have no idea if I'm naturally a quick deliverer and the Pitocin induced labor sucked all kinds of ass because I was stuck in bed and not allowed to get up AT ALL...or if I got lucky twice and the long sucky delivery is my norm. I did tell my doctor my plans for labor...walking a LOT, using the Jacuzzi tub and IF I need it I know the options for pain relief. I do NOT want to walk in the door of the birth center, find out I'm 5 CM dilated and go for the epidural. I can do this more toward the natural than the drugged side of things. Not dissing anyone that had the epi, I have had one for my tubal surgery in Mexico and I did not like the after effects. The numb legs for hours after the surgery was over. The pins and needles pain when the feeling returns. And the still after 2 1/2 years sore spot on my back where the needle went in. I've used pain relief in 2 out of 3 deliveries, a shot of Demerol for the first, when I had relentless and very painful back labor, and a shot of Stadol for the third, which was more the nurses idea for my grief than my need for anything at all...I knew that was going to be a very quick delivery and it was. Then again, with a 4 ounce baby, I am probably as dilated now as I was when he was born, right?

So...anyone want to make guesses as to when this baby will come? Mike and I do the "magic number" game every week now for my many more CM dilated? How effaced? I'm pretty confidant that I lost my entire plug by now...but you never know.

I'm also curious as to how big this baby is. Mike was a tiny little thing when he was born...unfortunately I have no way of finding out if he was a bit premature since his dad has no clue and his mom died nearly 6 years ago. He weighed 4 pounds 14 ounces and was 18 inches long. I was a porker! LOL 8 pounds 10 ounces and 21 1/2 inches (I mom says closer to 10 pounds but I remember comparing my size at birth to Haley's size). My kids have varied quite a bit too. Micheal was 7 pounds 1 ounce and 19 inches, Haley was 8 pounds 7 ounces officially, but she was 8 pounds 9 ounces right at birth. Her funny story, the doctor was sure she was over 9 pounds as she was coming out, so they weighed her right away as soon as they cut the cord. 8 pounds 9 ounces. He said, no way! She's bigger...weigh her again. So the nurse picked her up off the scale, Haley peed this huge arch of pee across the room, and weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces. LOL She was 21 1/2 inches long. Matthew was a peanut, had he survived I was thinking he'd be small like Mike at birth. At almost 20 weeks he was 4 ounces and 7 1/2 inches long. Zachary, at 33 weeks was it? somewhere around there, was over 5 pounds already. I'm thinking he'll be in the 8 pound range and at least 20 inches. He's really squished up in there...his head is staying pretty low but his butt and legs are way up in my ribs. Dropped down and stretched out! LOL

Well, that's about all I've got for today. I finally had one little tiny contraction, I haven't had any since last night! LOL It's all good though, Mike is way way way out of range today with work. I'd rather not go into labor today anyway! This weekend would be fine, shoot Friday night would be fine. Thursday I have a LLL meeting I want to check out and then the OB/NST appts and Haley's ballet. Friday is mom/daughter day at Haley's request and we'll go buy Zachary's pack n play with bassinet top and a couple of blankets. I have 4 receiving blankets and 2 heavy blankets...I need a couple of in between weight ones. Other than that, I feel pretty well set.

I'm on the fence about a baby bath tub. Opinions? Suggestions? Our bathroom is tiny, we have a pedestal sink with no counter top so we'll be doing the bathing in the kitchen. Is one of those sling type seats a good idea for a newborn? I can do a pile of towels on the counter top for a few weeks, but when he's wiggly I'll need to either grow a few extra hands or find a way to hold him without using my hands! LOL

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

things that annoy me, volume 1

I'm sure this isn't actually volume 1, but let's just be funny today, OK?

Dear Zachary, I know you're still little, you're not even "new" around here yet...but let me just tell you, boy you are really starting to push it with me! LOL First of all, Thursday would have been a GREAT day to let those contractions bring your butt into this world. They were awesome...10 minutes apart for about 2 hours! Then we go to ballet, your favorite place anymore, and you STOP them? That was so not funny at all. At least they started up again after dinner, but one or two an hour isn't going to do much to bring you out here.

Secondly, this sleep thing that I seem to be unable to achieve. I am pretty sure the past month has brought several glimpses into our first few weeks or months of time together, you up every couple of hours to eat and change diapers and me not minding. Right now I get up because I have to potty, you seem to only get up every other time I do. Which is fine, I really don't mind. Actually I love it at night when you're all sleepy and stretching and rolling around. But what I can totally do without has been happening these past 2 nights...getting woke up for one or maybe two contractions EVERY HOUR! They're not strong at all, they probably aren't doing anything for my cervix, but damn if they aren't waking me up! What's the deal with that? If I'm exhausted, which I'm getting real close to being, I can't effectively deliver either step them up, head butt the hell out of me or STOP! LOL

Another thing that is annoying me lately, RAIN. It's been raining non stop for the entire week. Yes we need the rain, but seriously...I am thinking of having Mike build me an ark so I can get out of the house! I'm constantly worrying that my scrap room is going to flood, but we've put up a temporary awning that seems to be working. There is a drain right outside the door to the room, but with all the pine trees it gets clogged up with needles and overflows INTO my scrap room. Not good!

I think I'll go take a shower and get dressed so that Mike and I can go walk around the mall today. Can't walk outside with how wet it is, but the mall could be fun for people watching if nothing else! LOL

Think cervical dilation thoughts for us, OK? I am really ready to have this baby TODAY.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

magic numbers...

Last week's OB appt found my cervix at 2 CM yet not thinned at all. Today, today is much better news! I'm nearly 3 CM and 50% effaced! All in 6 short days!

BabeDoc is going out of town the last full week of July, her last day in the office is the 20th. I have an appt on the 13th at which time we'll talk more seriously of inducing. If for some strange reason I'm still around for my appt on the 19th, we'll defiantly induce on the 20th. I'm beyond sure that I'll be having this baby before the 20th, with as well as the dilation and effacing is doing with the contractions I'm having just from using the birth ball and walking as much as I can. But if not, if he decides he wants to wait until the last possible moment before BabeDoc is going on vacation, well, he's been notified of his eviction date! LOL

I'll be full term on Monday, so any time after that I'm more than happy to have him arrive. It's been so long since my heart has felt this full of joy and so at peace. All because of an ornery little boy who came to heal my heart for good.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

any day now.

I'm basically over the pregnancy thing, Zachary you could do me a HUGE favor and come any day now...I would totally appreciate it.

My big problem is I'm bored. My sister was here a bit over a week ago and I feel like that was just a dream. We didn't do anything like we normally do, because I'm too pregnant and could barely walk at that point. I've improved my pelvic pain by about 75% by using the birth ball and walking more...amazing, isn't it? Now my really painful times are sleeping/getting out of bed. I'm so bored I could just sit here and cry all day long.

Mike called his family last Saturday around noon, asked his dad, dad's wife, and 2 out of 3 brothers if they wanted to come over that night to play games or just hang out. Turns out that they're too busy, so both Mike and I ended up sleeping tons during the day and going to bed early that night. I am sick of having nothing to do all day long. I've been trying to pretend that if I clean up the house every day the realtor's office will call with a showing. Ha Ha. Last showing was June 17th. Sad, isn't it?

I think I'm coming down with pregnancy never ends depression. Or boredom. Either way, I want so badly to do SOMETHING FUN with someone...and yet I'm all alone. Even my kids are tired of spending all their waking hours with me. Yippee, I'm a barrel of fun.

Ignore me, I'm just whining.

Oh yeah...Happy 4th of July to y'all. It's supposed to rain again tonight so I'm pretty sure that means no fireworks around here.

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