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Friday, April 20, 2007

9 months old

I can not believe Zachary has been on the outside of the world as long as he was inside of me! Amazing.

He now has 2 teeth, both on the bottom. Still not much hair but what is coming in is very blond. There seems to be a tiny bit of texture to it so I'm hoping to see some curls eventually! He's still got his birthmark between his eyes but it is starting to lighten. Everyone loves his amazing blue eyes and long eyelashes too...I can't go anywhere without at least 3 people stopping me to admire him. And that smile! He can light up the world with that smile. He's giggling and drooling and smiling and so much fun!

Yesterday he crawled twice. Two separate times he got on his hands and knees and moved his arm/leg on one side then the next...then he sat down. It's a start and shows that he knows how to do it...which will, going by pretty much every other skill he's done, be it for crawling for him. His doctor said that was all he had to me that he knows how. So now he's "cleared" to walk! LOL I told his doctor that he'd probably walk three steps and then take off running...that's what he's wanted to do for the past 7 months anyway! Silly boy...doesn't he know his Momma isn't ready for him to be a little boy yet?

Life is good but very hectic. We're getting ready to move again, but this move will be for a lot longer than what we just did. Thankfully anyway...I'm ready to hang my pictures on the walls and make a house my own again. I'm sure we'll be moving in the next 2 years though, but that will be our "forever" house. In theory, anyway! LOL

Not much else to is busy and chaotic and hectic and I am loving every minute of it! Mike is working a lot, usually 45 to 55 hour weeks, but he's home every Saturday and every Sunday. I love that. Over the next 2 years he'll get regular pay increases and in about 2 1/2 years he'll be making double what he makes right now. I can't wait...he'll finally be paid what he's worth as an employee! I was thinking today it would be fun to have a bumper sticker that says "I love my UPS driver". LOL

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

vacation fun

We just got home from our Spring break visit to the family...had a good time! We flew down, a first for both Haley and Zachary. Everyone did well on the plane ride...we were worried about some motion sickness issues Zachary has so the doc recommended Benedryl before take off. Little boy slept the entire first plane trip and was awake the entire second trip! He seemed to like it ok, other than he was getting too hot from being held constantly. Glad the flights were short!

TX was nice, hotter than CO for sure so poor Zachary had a real hard time adjusting his body temperature. Another way that he's just like his Daddy. LOL I love visiting my parents and sister but there's one thing, besides my husband, that I miss. My home. My bed, my recliner, just having my own place to live in and not having to live out of suitcases and bags. I always feel guilty for making a huge mess in my parents house and then having to load it up to take it to my sisters and spend time there too. Having my own "vacation" home would make the trips there perfect. Well, having the 1200 mile drive be shorter would be perfect! Anyway...we drove home, I am buying my mom's car and so far I am loving every second of it. We haven't done a family trip in it yet, that will be the true test of how much I love it. That alone is the reason we got it too...all five of us couldn't fit comfortably in our other car.

Zachary got his first tooth right before we left for TX and he's trying to get 2 more right now. He's also so close to scooting or crawling too. He wants to go go go all the time! Right now, amazingly enough, he's in the big bed taking a very much needed nap. Hopefully it will last for another 15 minutes, making it a whole half hour nap.

Better go do some more laundry while he's napping, teething has made him even more clingy that the separation phase he's in!

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