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whiny baby tales

The Mommy is bored...the kids are bored...the Daddy works too much. What's a family to do???

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

quirky meme

Stacy tagged me for a's going to take some thinking! Look for it in a few days!

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First haircut!

We took Zachary to get his hair trimmed the same place that Micheal got his first haircut at 19 years before!

Zachary was NOT happy at all, even holding a train. But he sat on Daddy's lap and cried and wiggled...we got it done pretty quickly though and he looks SO cute. I took a few pictures, of course, and they are on my Flickr page. (I'm a paranoid freak about his pictures online so you have to have a Flickr account and be a "friends or family" person with me to see...sorry!)


Funny moment - they had one of those outdoor cars (by Step 2? Little Tikes?) and he kept finding all kinds of big toys to put inside...the Dirt Devil vacuum, this huge T-Rex dinosaur, a HUGE was so weird. I don't think HE ever got inside the car...just everything else!

That's my boy...super silly. Just like his Daddy...and Mommy, but that's no secret!

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

birthdays galore

The visit is Mom, sister and nieces have returned home (just in time to settle in a bit and then hunker down for a hurricane!).

Zachary is TWO. I am SO bummed! Where is my little baby???

Peeking at sister the night he was born:

Happy first birthday!
Now I am TWO!

This little boy is full of spunk and energy! He makes me smile no less than a million times a day, but just in the blink of an eye he sure can be a MAD and GRUMPY boy! I can not believe that I am his mama...he is so different from Micheal and Haley were as newborns, babies, infants, newly toddling around one year olds, and now he is TWO YEARS OLD!!!! I'm definitely sad he's growing up so quickly.

I had a birthday too, just the day before his. I'm much older than him though! Mike and I went out to see a movie just the two of us for my birthday...after spending all day in the Jeep with the little mister. We found out just how much like his Daddy this guy is already...loved Garden of the Gods and rock climbing. He fell asleep on his very first off road trek though...I think that means he liked it, but we'll go another time to make sure.

Mike and I celebrated our 9th anniversary too and got to go out to dinner just the two of us. It's been nice that Haley will take care of Zachary once in a while...she sure loves the pay! to get the boy up from his nap so he can go "oh WOW" about the train table we found at a yard sale today! While I'm off at Wal-Mart doing the grocery and vacuum shopping I'm going to find him some more trains and tracks...this boy is sure taking after his Papa with his love of trains.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Guess I better blow the dust off of here!

Things are going well, we're pretty well settled into the new house and spend our "time off" and weekends doing things like unclogging drains and reorganizing the garage. Fun stuff! I still need to do something with my office, it's a huge mess! But right now more important things are going my family visiting!

Father's Day was nice, we got to see Mike's Dad for a while both days of that weekend. I'd like to plan a trip to see them next year for one of Mike's vacation weeks. Micheal turned 20 and then the next day my Mom, Sister and 2 nieces arrived. I love having my family here and the house, while at times is full, is plenty big enough for everyone. I just need a couple more pull out beds or air mattresses or something! But everyone is happy and we're all having a great visit.

Can you believe Zachary will be TWO YEARS OLD???? In 17 very short days my baby is a 2 year old. I'm working on weaning, more for me than him. He has cut down again so that is good. I keep saying by his birthday but that's not set in stone. I just don't see me going much beyond 2 years. This past week or so he has grown up so much! He's a huge train fan now too...which I LOVE, and am so grateful that my Mom let us have my Dad's trains when we were there last December. Those aren't the ones he's playing with yet, but I bet in the next 2 or 3 years he will be. He's really careful and loves to lay down and watch the wheels go round and round. We got him a trike with a long handle so we can push him or flip it upside down and he can rock on it, or take it off and he can ride by himself. I'm so not ready for him to spread his wings and fly though. He is my baby, right??? Sure don't see much of it these days.

It is currently raining a TON. I should take a picture of the lake that is/was our cement patio right outside my office. We have a LOT of landscaping and yard work to do this summer. Yikes!!!

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