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whiny baby tales

The Mommy is bored...the kids are bored...the Daddy works too much. What's a family to do???

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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Friday, October 17, 2008

This boy...

makes me feel like the worst mother in the world. Not every moment of every day, thankfully, but when we are out in public. Oye!

Yesterday was a MOPS play date at the mall. Besides the "normal" screaming fits he throws at the drop of a hat, he ran off and I actually LOST him for 5 minutes. The mall is HUGE and he's not. Thankfully another MOPS mama found him before I totally freaked out.

Today at the pumpkin patch, another MOPS play date, he again wanted to run off from me. This pumpkin patch is in the middle of nowhere, with vast open expanses of nothing and there was just no way at all I was going to allow him to run free. So he spent a lot of time doing this: while I spent a lot of time pointlessly saying things like "if you don't listen, we'll leave" and "you can not run off from me again". Winner of the useless statement contest, that's me!

I know he's in pain from teething, he's almost got 3 of his canines in but still has his 2 year molars to go. I swear by the time he finally gets all his baby teeth in it will be time for the adult teeth to move down and the baby teeth to fall out. We'll NEVER make it!!!!!!!!!!!

My MOPS group "hired" a Love and Logic speaker to do a seminar...which is wonderful. I'm struggling with two things...remembering what I learned from each class and how to use it with Zachary now. I feel like he doesn't understand enough verbally to "get" what I'm saying. He probably does and has ME trained to think otherwise. I can't even wrap my mind around what I need to be doing with/to/for Haley as a mother...yikes.

Mostly though...I just want to cry. I have done this twice before and other than motherhood amnesia I can't think of one single reason why I don't remember the 2's being this hard. Oh wait...I can. Micheal was a super easy toddler/young child and Haley, while she was the poster child for TERRIBLE 2's and out of control at times, mellowed out quick. I keep blaming all the hard times on Mike and his side of the family...that's the only variable that has changed in my 20+ years of parenting.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

ROTC chic

ROTC chic, originally uploaded by mikerry.

My daughter is looking mighty cute!

Tomorrow is her first Uniform Inspection Day for we tried everything on and put all her pins make sure she'd be ok tomorrow!

I about cried with this picture though. She totally looks like my little Haley playing dress up!

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

napping in the big boy bed!

napping in the big boy bed!, originally uploaded by mikerry.

Zachary is having a very rough day today. He's been hitting me all morning and I have given him tons of warnings.

Finally I'd had enough and said why don't you go upstairs to your big boy bed and lay down? To my extreme surprise, he did!

While I was checking on him (he had been crying and was quiet after less than 2 minutes...had to make sure he wasn't trying to break out of the 2nd story window or something!) I got his pooh bear and rainbow blankie (necessities for sleep anywhere!) and covered him up. He fussed a wee bit more...and fell asleep!

I hope this will last all 2+ hours of nap time

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